Becoming Conscious of Your Physiology


“Stress is the #1 epidemic in our world today,” says Deepak Chopra. Stress causes inflammation, heart attacks, and strokes. Today it is associated with the huge gain in auto-immune diseases.


On a scale of 1-10, where would you say you are with feeling stressed? Is most of your stress from time, work, or expectations? Where do you feel it in your body?


You know you are in trouble if stress is outweighing your vitality.


Life is meant to be joyful and fun.


Even though I am retired, I catch myself overwhelmed with some time commitments. That seems crazy. I am totally in charge of setting what I want to do or at times, have to do. I know much of the worry about time goes back to my childhood of being grounded if I’m a minute late. I know how beliefs work. They are only thoughts you continue to think. I know if a belief no longer serves you, it’s time to change it. Yet, I still allow it to wreck havoc on my physiology. I feel pressure.


Another stressor for me is the expectations I have.   I want everything “right” or “perfect.” Things that don’t even matter, like when we have all our kids over to be together or have dinner. I get stressed with trying to make it perfect. It’s fine to want that but I let it take over the joy and fun.


Notice how much of your stress is created by outside forces and that voice inside your head.   What is the stress? What are you saying about it? What’s behind that? What are you making things?


That’s where the relief will come.


Become aware of what is happening. Like the joy and fun in your life are gone. Don’t make it wrong or deny it, but start paying attention to what is happening.


That’s the first step to changing patterns that no longer serve you. You can change and create a more peaceful life.


Here are two steps that can help relieve stress from your life:


  1. Become Conscious of what is causing the stress in your life. Notice when you feel overwhelmed. Pay attention to where in your body you are feeling the pressure.


  1. Find ways to alleviate your stress. We call that, finding a way to “pattern interrupt.” Do something different from what you are doing. Is it being around friends? Or being in nature?


Whatever helps you shift the energy. Know what helps you feel better.


As Tony Robbins says, “Change your physiology, change your life.”


Remember, as you notice those mounting feelings, move.


The #1 way to relieve stress is to Meditate. It changes your physiology on many levels. As Marianne Williamson says, even 5 minutes in the morning can change the course of your day.   That’s big when you are feeling maxed out. Oprah & Deepak said those people who think they don’t have time to meditate, need it 2 times a day. As David G says, use RPM, Rise, Pee & Meditate. Then meditation gets done.


There are many ways to meditate. Play around with the different kinds – using mantras or have someone guide you. Find one that resonates with you.


I know I resisted sitting still.


I love Deepak and Oprah’s 21-day meditations they offer quarterly. One started, July 17th, Desire & Destiny. Sign-up for it. They have themes and each day has a message before the quiet time to meditate.


It’s important to your health and well-being to figure out how to manage stress.

Notice what happens to your body as you are stressed.

Notice how to alleviate it by changing what you are doing.


What’s one way you can change your physiology when you are feeling stressed?

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