Being Aware vs. Being Afraid


How are you using this Covid-19 experience rather than being used by it?


As the weeks, and now months go by with a new world emerging, I hope you are making some shifts to living more from awareness than living in fear. 


People are doing better jobs of hygiene by washing their hands more.

People are being more grateful. 

People are honoring others in a greater way. So grateful for our first responders – nurses, truckers, grocery store workers, delivery people, doctors, and health experts.

People are doing more social distancing and respecting each other.

People are wearing masks to help contain this virus and stay healthy.


Awareness is empowering.  You are being conscious of what you need to do to take care of the situation before you.  


As the uncertainty of these changing times are upon us, it’s easy to go to fear.  One of the most important things to do is to find something you can control. That is your response to what is happening, rather than reacting to it.  Reacting will put you in stress, panic and overwhelm.  


For people of faith, this is a time to dig deep and look within.  Follow the principles that speak to you, that bring you comfort and ease.  


If you are uncertain, maybe this is a calling for you to find a connection to something higher than you.  Go within and listen to what’s being asked of you.  Be there for yourself.  If you are frightened, how can you bring calm to yourself?   


Honor your fears but don’t live there.  


How can you use this crisis to make a difference?  Whether that is for your life, or a bigger world.


The world is longing for direction.  

Keeping hope alive opens hearts.  It provides strength and connection.  


What is your part?  Are you making masks, providing donations of food and supplies for millions now without a job?  


Doing something for others changes your energy.  


How can you help and connect?  


The world needs more love and compassion.  


As Victor Frankl states, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing:  the last of human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”  


How are you choosing to use this experience to be your greatest Self?


How are you being a light of hope?


How can you become more conscious and help make the world a place we all want to live and can prosper? 


I think we have all seen how we need each other.  


Children at home without their friends.  

Patients without their loved ones.  

Hospitals without enough supplies to do their jobs.


Take a moment right now and think about at least five things you have to be thankful for.  It will calm you down.  It will raise your vibration to see higher possibilities.  


When you are disconnected or drained being afraid, you are not helping anyone including yourself.  


Yes, this is scary.  This is unknown.  This is horrendous.  


But, what if this is a great wake up call for you to live more fully?  What if this is helping you be more grateful and see how life is a blessing even when things don’t go like you want?


Become aware what is trying to get your attention.


What is you could believe life is a gift and blessing instead of living from being afraid and going down the dark hole of despair?  


Yes, we are afraid.  The difference is how you use your emotions.  They are important signals for you.  They have messages for you.  No one can direct how you guide yourself through these rocky times.  


Stay in hope and love.  


Be aware and take charge of your life.  Take time to clear away the darkness of what does not serve you.  Find support.  


Allow your Higher Self to lead you.  


Keep hope and stay connected to the power greater than you.  When you are rooted in faith, you feel comforted and guided knowing God has a plan.


Use Covid-19 to make your life better with things that matter.