Believing In Your Dreams for Retirement


“We actually choose life or death on a daily basis. And while we are determined to avoid aging and avoid the truth that we will die, we miss out on the greatest performance of all time: not dying while we are living.” Temple Hayes


Why are so many people not willing to live life to the fullest? Why do you think people settle for “okay” lives? You were created for magnificence. You have gifts to share with the world.


Inc. magazine says only 2% of people follow their dreams. Are you in the 2% or 98%?


What are you doing with your retirement days and years? Just like Temple Hayes says, “not dying while we are living.”


Take a moment and think about what you have wanted for retirement – is that owning your own business, getting a certain degree or taking a family cruise?


A dream without action goes nowhere. People get discouraged and think it can’t really happen but often it’s because of what you are thinking and the lack of action towards it.


Since your thoughts create your reality, you might be able to understand why it hasn’t come to you yet. You might be thinking, “Someday.” “Yeah, it’d be nice but not really a reality, I have all this to do today. I’m too busy.” “I have to wait until…” As you can see your thoughts are going away from what you want.


What if instead, you believed you could have the retirement you want? What if you shifted the way you thought about what’s possible for you? That you are still relevant, that you still have lots to offer, and that you have a valuable contribution to share.


Danielle Laporte says, “80% of life is for creating, moving your dreams forward – Living. 20% of life is for cleansing and purifying.”


What percentage of your life are you using to move your ideas of what’s possible in retirement forward?


What if I told you with some planning and believing, you could see your desires become a reality.


As you know travel is big for us. Our vision is that we take a big trip each year usually a cruise one year, Backroads trip the next. I am clear on traveling.


One of my bucket lists ideas was to go on an African Safari. I knew I would go. I wasn’t sure when, but no doubt it would happen. Years ago, we began making plans with one of the couples we travel with, but there was too much tension in the area so we axed our plans. That was 5 years ago. But I kept thinking about. I found out my favorite travel group, Backroads biking and hiking, had safari trips to South Africa. It just became a reality. 


It was absolutely amazing – greater than words can express. We did it just like what we wanted, rode our bikes in the reserves with the animals, guides had guns on their back to protect us.

We went to 5 different regions – flying on 3 little planes along the way to get to the next region,

stayed in the most fun, incredible places, like a treehouse where if you went out at night you needed assistance because the hippos could be walking by. Our shower was outdoor on the patio. My first shower a vervet monkey was serenading and peering down on me as I showered. A little awkward but adventurous.


Dreams do come true when you believe. It might not be on your timeline but believe it is possible. God’s perfect timing. Keep focused on it, planting seeds.


Here are some tips to make whatever you want to come true.


  1. Begin with a positive attitude about it. Your thoughts create your reality.  I believed I would take a safari.


  1. Define what it is you want. What would that look like? Create your vision board, order books, get brochures, create Pinterest boards, follow people who talk about the retirement life you want. It helps you have something visual to keep you focused, excited and moving towards it.


  1. Begin with the end in mind. Plan backwards. Like if you want to celebrate your husband’s 75th birthday with a cruise. Make a board giving you a visual of it happening. Put that ship on the top of your board. Divide your paper showing different categories that you will take some action – planning, excursions, costs, highlights, celebration time. Under each category, add details. Like on an excursion, list each port. Under each port, what will you like to do, costs. That way you can see it and begin taking baby steps towards it. You are telling the universe that you do believe this will happen for you.


  1. Create a joy jar or count your blessings jar for each thing that you do towards it. At the end of the month, end of a quarter, or the end of the year see how many things you have done. Celebrate your progress, gain clarity of what you want. You are showing that you really do want this.


Set yourself up for success


Dream big, then think small for realistic baby step actions. 1% navigation changes the course of direction. Before you know it is happening.


Think long-term about what you want but short term in taking action giving you freedom and flexibility to move forward. Don’t think finish line but focus on what gets you out of the gate and would make it a reality.


As John Maxwell says, People do not decide their future; they decide their habits and their habits decide their future.”


Whatever you want for your retirement, believe it is possible. Create a clear image of it, make plans for it and take inspired actions toward it.


Dreams will come true.