Bring Good Every Day In Your Acts


The world needs your light right now.


Think about what goodness is to your life.  Is that kindness, compassion and living your faith?  


How can you bring forth those goodness qualities through your gifts and talents?


When you align your thoughts and actions with love, good happens.  


As you think about each day and each action you are doing, 


Ask yourself if it lights you up.  If not, find a way to bring more goodness to it or let it go.


Ask yourself if it is light or heavy.  If it’s heavy, find a way to lighten the load.  


Become conscious of the choices you are making and why you are doing them, or that way. For instance as you have dinner, how can you bring more love and kindness to the preparation and to the table?  


I know before I became more conscious of how I was doing life, my thoughts about dinner were that it was a chore and let’s get it done.  Instead, when I realized I wanted to bring more love and lightheartedness to my life, I saw how easy this shift in my focus was.  I now can choose healthy ingredients knowing it’s adding healthy to our life.  I can find joy in how it all comes together.  I can bring laughter and goodness to our conversations while eating.  


It’s not big but makes a BIG difference.


Find the good.  Use goodness as a focus for all you do.


Life is too dark and heavy right now. Let 2021 help you break through obstacles that have kept you down.


Keep comparing and contrasting what you are doing with the focus on bringing good to your life and situations.  Whether that is with the foods you are eating, the media you are watching or the activities you engaging in.  


Bringing good every day by your acts opens hearts.


As well as you feel better.  Life feels lighter.


Too often we think we must do huge things to make a difference.  Yet, the reality is that if each of us would do little things that bring forth good each day, pretty quickly we’d have the tipping point.  Life would change.

It takes your focus and commitment.  It takes my focus and commitment to good.  


Here are some simple ways to add some goodness to your day:


Think of 3 people you can share some kindness and compassion with today.


Extend some grace when you catch yourself upset at others.


Forgive.   The top 3 people who could use some of your forgiveness are parents and yourself.  Is there some small act of goodness you could offer to lighten the load in your life toward each of these 3.  Forgiveness heals.


Remember that the inner world creates your outer world.  


How can goodness be in everything for you?  


Let goodness guide your life.