Bring Your Attention To What’s Possible For You


Every life experience matters.


Trust the journey of life and how it takes you on a trip to personal transformation. It makes your time on earth more meaningful.  


There’s more to life than just going through the motions. It’s why I love personal development. Understanding what life is all about.


Life is about becoming who you are meant to be.


It’s about growing, learning who you really are, beyond your roles and titles. Like knowing what your superpower is – no matter what is going on in your life. For me, it ’s about bringing hope and possibilities to people by being an inspiring catalyst. Whether as a mother, principal, friend, colleague or life coach.


It’s about living a life that brings you great joy and peace because you have found what’s truth for you.


It’s about prospering because you are content and satisfied with the choices you are making to fill your soul. You’ve moved beyond your ego comparing yourself and found what matters to you.


It’s about allowing and accepting what is coming to you.


I think the millennials are living more truthfully who they are. They’ve learned from us, Baby Boomers who stayed in careers forever, and 75% didn’t even like their jobs. Millennials aren’t willing to do that. They know what they are willing to do and not do.  


The Chinese Proverb states, “Tension is what you think you should be. Relaxation is being who you are.”


One of the basic needs in life is to grow. It feels better when you choose how you grow. But sometimes you are given opportunities or should I say challenges to grow? Like beginning a family, experiencing a mid-life crisis, becoming empty-nesters or joining the ranks in retirement.


These times can be life-changing. Full of possibilities.  


It takes courage and fortitude to enjoy life’s experiences no matter how they come to you.


Remember, you are stronger than you realize. And, it’s in this strength that you can find direction for this new chapter for your life.



Lean into your strengths, your skills and support.


Look at the decades of your life to help muster up memories of how you handled different situations in your life. To help remind you of ideas to manage what is before you.


Positive experiences have given you joy, satisfaction and lots of good memories. How did you approach those events?


How about your achievements? What helped you gain that success?


Have you survived an illness? What helped you conquer that?


Look at all these parts of yourself that helped you step up to your greatness.


Next, look at the challenges you’ve had in life. They are often your best teachers.


There’s a gold mine there for you.


You have skills and strategies that have helped you handle great times and hard times. You have figured out a lot.


By honoring your past, it allows you to feel more confident and courageous handling whatever comes your way.


It allows you to relax more with life.


It helps take away some stress.


Know you have what it takes to make the best out of any situation you are given.


Life is providing you a roadmap to your Highest and greatest good.


How do you make the most out of life’s decisions?


  1. List the highlights and challenges for each decade.
  2. Then look at the lessons and skills you received from each you listed.
  3. Notice your biggest shifts. For me, realizing how much of what I chose to do with my life was to feel valued. Learning to look within to fulfil this need rather than externally was maybe one of the biggest. Realizing I had the choice to create my life, the moods and direction I want it to go. So freeing.


What’s the message or lesson coming to you now from all your past and present?


What do you need to hear to help you manage whatever you are facing?


What fine-tuning is trying to make way into your life?


Then take note how these experiences have helped you grow, become more of who you want to be whether that is making better choices, being a kinder, more compassionate person or making a contribution to something that changed your life.


Use all of that to help you make decisions and choices. Not fear and doubt.


Pay attention.


Life is preparing you along the way to handle things easier and easier, and with more peace and grace, if you use what you’ve been given.


Become the detective for your life. Pay attention to what matters to you. Embrace each step of your journey.


There’s nothing that happens in life that can’t be an opportunity for learning. Use these situations as prosperity for you and your life.


Imagine your ability to create a life of greatness.


Life is magical if you allow it to be. Enlightenment happens when you open to the transformation that is happening within from all of life’s experiences.


Life is for you. For you to discover who you were created to be. Pay attention.