Can Being Playful in These Times of Uncertainty Help You?


How are you having a good time during these weeks of isolation and confinement with coronavirus?


It’s important to nourish yourself. 


One of the ways to do that is by being more whimsical and lighthearted. 


As the dictionary defines playful – “fond of games and amusement; lighthearted.  Intended for one’s own or others’ amusement rather than seriously.  Full of energy and a desire for fun.”


Playfulness is a quality that I need to be reminded about because I have a tendency to be tasked-oriented and focused. 


It’s one of the things that was wonderful about being in elementary schools.  Young children are so alive, and naturally playful.  Whenever I was having a stressful day, I knew how nice it was to go into a kindergarten class and listen to them.  It totally shifted my energy and reminded me why I loved what I did.  Elementary teachers are masters at making learning fun and playful.    


I know I love being with our grandkids because they are spirited and always keep us on our toes.  It’s fun to watch how with nothing we can delight in the situation. 


We laugh often and are always playing.  Just this week while they came over, we played a Junior clue game.  I was amazed.  They are 4 & 6 and got the point.  The 4-year old beat us.  It’s so fun to watch their little minds.  We built houses with the furniture and pillows.  We had creative art projects.  Played outdoors.  With them around, it’s easy to play.


How can finding ways to play help you?  It can relieve stress and anxiety.  It changes your mood.  It allows your body to relax. 


What is some creative project you have wanted to do?  I know someone who has taken up sewing.  She has wanted to do it for a while and found some projects to help her enjoy this extra time.  I know my husband is painting more.  Friends have told me they are enjoying more reading time.  Cooking time. 



Being playful is the medicine we need in these uncertain times. 


Find what speaks to you. 


What is lively and fun – around your house since you can’t go places? 


What makes you cheerful?  It is said that children smile on an average of 400 times a day.  A cheerful adult approximately 40 times and most of us 20 times a day.


Make a game of increasing the times you smile.  Go around and make it a point to smile over and over with the people around you.  Smile because you are alive.  Smile the sun is out.  Smile just because. 


See this time as an opportunity to enjoy more of your life.


Play, laugh and create. 


It’s these lighthearted moments that will be quite memorable for you, and good for your health and well-being.


Have fun today.