Can You Do Your Part To Bring More Compassion And Goodness To Our Troubled Times?


My skin cringes.  My heart aches.  How much more pain and heartache do we need to see and have to wake up to being kinder people?


In order to hurt others there is deep pain inside.  


How can I help?  How can you help?  


People are crying out to be seen and heard.  We all have basic needs that must be met.  If they aren’t met in positive ways, we will do what we need to have those met.  I remember really getting that as gangs started appearing.  We all want to belong and feel a part of something.  We will find a way.  Good or Bad.  


Kids throw tantrums because they want to be seen and heard.  They want their way.


We rebel because we want to feel valued and be noticed. Adults protest to say enough.  


Have you had enough?  


Are you willing to look inside and heal where you feel your needs aren’t met?  Nobody else can give you what you need.  People can mirror and trigger you but it’s up to you to begin your journey to heal those hurt parts.  


The divisiveness in our country is so strong because people haven’t felt seen, valued or heard.  People are tired of it.  


They are being lead by somebody that speaks to their pain.  

The problem is that it is being fueled to make others wrong or bad because they see or think differently.  It is igniting the anger and hurt to be used in a negative way instead of way that could help heal and serve others.


Change first begins inside of you, one person.  Your needs must be met before you can help others.  You must feel love, like you belong, that you matter.  


I want to help you.  I want to help as many people as I can.


It’s hard.  I wanted a more peaceful way.  I had had enough.

I’ve chosen to do the deep transformational work to be a more compassionate, kind and loving person.   I’ve confronted my shame, guilt and hurt, and my selfish ways.  It’s a lifelong journey.  Maybe I’m one step in front of you.   


I’m begging you to do the same.  


The world is turning us upside down to rattle us. To realize the old ways are NOT working.  We cannot continue being hateful, raging and against each other.


We all are doing the best we can at the moment.  We all need support and guidance to help us through life.  It’s hard.  It’s hard not to blame when you’ve been hurt.  But, that keeps the flame burning deeper.


Every hurt is an opportunity to heal and be able to help others through that process.  


Only you can guide others in ways that you have been hurt because you know how bad it felt.  You can have the compassion and understanding of what others are going through.


Just like Stephen Covey says, “Seek first to understand.”  You can do that:


Once you’ve traveled that path. 

Once you choose to see things in another way.   When you have begun healing the pain.

Once someone holds you on their shoulders. 


Every heart responds to the warmth of love.  


I’m asking you —- where can you do your part to bring more compassion and goodness to our world?  


It doesn’t have to be big steps, just little ones.  Ones that say to another:

I hear you. I see you. You matter.



This week a long time Priest, Joe Ted Miller, passed and the obituary read, “As a final remembrance of Joe Ted please reach out to someone you would usually just pass by; stop, say hello, ask how they are doing and share something about yourself with them. Joe Ted will be smiling!!!”


If we all did this little gesture, people would feel more seen, more valued, and know their life mattered.  


Our world would be a more loving and kind place to be. 


Find ways to bring more love and compassion to yourself which then reaches out to the world. 


Traveling to other countries has allowed me to understand, be more compassionate of their world and respect the differences.  It helps me see things from their perspective better.  On our recent trip to Vietnam, we visited so many places that helped me see more clearly what happened during that war.  In our hotel in Hanoi, there was a hiding place, this bunker. Can you imagine being in there with hundreds of other people for a long time?  


We do what we can to survive. 


Life isn’t asking you to just survive, but wants you to thrive.


I know we can bring a brighter future. But it will take all of us making some commitment to shift the scales. To a more loving, kind world where I don’t feel like I have to make you wrong for me to be okay. I understand we all have our story and journey.


I saw this statement in one of my daily spiritual readings, “Nothing can go forth from me but goodness, truth, love and kindness; Therefore nothing less than goodness can come back to me.


Can you commit to that?  I can.  


Be willing.  Willing to share the goodness and compassion you have in you today.  Reach out to someone, ask how they are.


Together, let’s say we have had enough of this pain and are ready to live with dignity and love for all.  (Even if you can’t see how it’s possible at the moment.) 


Be willing.