Can You Easily See Where Your Life Is About Sowing And Reaping?


Life is a process of sowing and reaping.


Whatever you put in is the sowing. What you receive is the reaping.


I know for me I want to reap joy, fun and compassion. So I’m planting seeds that will allow me to receive ways to enjoy life. I’m inviting people who are uplifting and want to help others in my world. I limit the time and space for negativity. I love reading about people who overcome things. My heart deepens with more kindness and acceptance. I’m growing into a kinder person.


I’m clear about what I want in my life. My path there diverges at times. But, I know how to get back on track to reap the life I intend to live.


What are you sowing in your life?


Too often, I think the collective mentality is that life is easy and you should have all you want without doing the work. And, when others have something you don’t, you talk about how unfair life is.  


Or, is it they were making it look easy because they had already tended that garden to reap the benefits?


Attitude is 90% of what happens to you in life.


Are you making lemonade out of the lemons that happen along the way?


You reap what you sow.


You know I profess you can have what you want. But, I hope you hear that I also add that you have to do the work to make things happen.


It takes discipline and effort. Whether that is if you go after something on your bucket list, like drawing classes or on a Backroads Hiking and Biking trip. There are steps to see the fruits of your labor. It takes planning for it. Have fun making all the arrangements. Block out vacation time. Make sure you are in shape to enjoy the adventures before you.


Maybe it takes an extra job or two to save or cut out some of the other expenses in your life.


Find the discipline so you can live your best life.


Life is the adventure you design.


It takes focus, being positively motivated and the willingness to take consistent action to enjoy the seeds you are planting.


When you give your all, big things happen for you.


One of Joel Osteen’s messages is having discipline with your thoughts so you can live the blessed life. What you are thinking is what you are inviting into your life. Joel talks about how fear will take over your thoughts if you allow it. And that will derail your reaping efforts. Think of this like a garden, the weeds take over if you don’t remove them and plant something beautiful.


The key to shifting those negative thoughts is to have some discipline with what you think, say, do, and believe. Talk to people who help support your ideas, who help you see how you can make them happen. Stay away from talking and sharing with people who put down your dreams or possibilities or add doubt to your life.


One of the gifts I received from my dad was discipline.   (Mostly good, I’ve been a little too extreme at times.)


I love to plan and reap the benefits of having new experiences and events happen. It’s not always easy either. When I became divorced, my daughter mentioned going back east to college. I couldn’t fathom my family being split anymore apart. I did want her to go where she wanted. I decided that I would go after my PhD could be employed at some college around where she would go. There were 3 years left until she graduated. I was working full-time as a principal and was a single mom with my two children. I had to get busy to graduate when she did. I had to sacrifice, trust and keep moving forward. The idea of her leaving was motivating me to stay on track. We both graduated in the spring of 1997. She never left. But, I was sowing so I could reap the rewards of having options if she did.


Plant the seeds of what you want.


Trust the process of reaping and sowing. Remember, you must do your part. Weed out anything that is not like what you want and keep fertilizing that which you want.  


What’s sowing in your life?


What have you been reaping?


Is it time to replant or weed out?


Happy endings come with sowing and reaping what you want – no matter the work it takes or circumstances needed to make it happen.