Championing Aging and Retirement

I’m on a mission to change the models of what’s possible once you retire.

I’m sick of feeling like life is over with the advertisements and messages the public gives about retirement and aging.

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What if:

  • By realizing the potential and value of your experience, passion and wisdom, you can use your uniqueness to make a difference in the world?
  • By thinking about what matters to you and what’s important to you, you could design a new image of your retirement and aging years?


You can create your legacy!!!

How about:

Hall Duncan, 92, is helping to end sex slavery in Haiti because someone close to him was abused by a sexual predator.  He is a cartoonist and created a book to explain his mission and give facts about child slavery.


Ernie Andrus, 90 in August, 2013 and a veteran, ran coast to coast. (Super Senior Coast to Coast Run). He started by touching the Pacific Ocean near San Diego CA., on October 7th, 2013 and will touch the Atlantic Ocean near Brunswick, GA. in August of 2016 (He’ll be 93 then). His feat was to raise money for the LST 325 SHIP MEMORIAL, INC. The LST 325 is a World War II-era naval landing ship used by the US Navy and Greek Navy.

You are not too old. 

Do you still have music in your heart?

Do you have a nagging voice that keeps telling you that you have something greater to give?

I do, and I am on a band wagon to get Boomers to create a life that matters to them.

The beliefs you hold about retirement and aging can either be empowering or detrimental to the way you live this next chapter of your life. 


  • Imagine becoming crystal clear about how to make your retirement meaningful.
  • Imagine choosing activities that delight and excite you based on what you value and the lifestyle you want to live for these next decades. Freedom, Travel and Grandkids.
  • Imagine creating your legacy – a book, a foundation, paintings or a lifestyle business.

How can you use this time of your life to empower you and others?

Find out.

What if your life became a new model of what’s possible in aging and retirement, just like Hal and Ernie?

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