Choosing A Lighter Path to 2018


For many people, 2017 was a dark year. But, the nice part about darkness, light follows.


Just like each night falls to the rising sun in the morning.



2017 is over.


For many, there is gratitude and hope for something more. Although for many people, there are reruns after reruns of the darkness instead of making a new story or a new chapter for 2018.


Think about your 2017. What caused you darkness, sadness or frustration? You don’t want to dwell in it, but understand the gifts and messages it gave to you. The first step to change something is to become aware of what caused you to be in that state of mind. Did you have a lot of losses, health challenges or financial struggles? Then make a choice about where you can take that to live a better 2018.


Life can be challenging or adventurous. It is a mirror to help reflect the inner work the Universe is calling you to do. If you are carrying over the anger and frustrated of 2017, you will continue to pull yourself down. The world will show you plenty of examples of this to keep that cycle going. Ask yourself if that is what you want more of in your life.


Or, if you are able to move on from 2017 and see what it had to give your life, then you can be open for a better 2018.


You have a choice.


No matter what you are seeing, it’s time to do the work. If you are in a “good” place then it’s time to be a contribution. The world desperately needs your joy, love and peace. Time to STEP UP.


If you are still carrying around the darkness, resentments and hurt, then your first steps are to heal those wounds.


How do you know? The world around you is reflecting what you need to move closer to the greatest version of yourself.


Where do you begin?


Think about your spiritual and emotional well-being.


Think about how you can make 2018 lighter for you.


It doesn’t even have to be in big ways. Often just by shifting your perspective or the way you look at things can totally shift the way you live your life.


How about little ways:


  • Change your language from “I have to or obligations to I’m able to or get to.” For example, from – I have to lose weight to it’s important to my well-being so I can get down and play with my grandkids.


  • Shift your feelings from “I’m overwhelmed” to slowing down and making choices that fill your soul. As Stephen Covey says, quit making everything urgent and important.


  • Find ways to support your needs rather than feeling like it’s all another burden – add support groups to help you manage the added responsibilities if this is a time in your life you are taking care of a sick partner or parent. They can help you gain perspective and relieve some guilt, shame and worry.


  • Consciously decide to quit reacting to things in your life and take the time to respond. It allows you to be more peaceful about your decisions, have more clarity about the situation. Less regrets.


  • Give up negative things that push your buttons, like the news. Or, even certain people.


  • Join a meditation group or decide to meditate on your own.


  • Forgive – is that yourself or others? Remember, forgiveness is really about you and the hold it has on your peace and joy for life.


What will help you build your spiritual and emotional well-being this year? Choose at least one (1) inspired action that you will commit to doing.


Decide today that 2018 will be a lighter, brighter time for you one step at a time.


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