Choosing Peace To Lead The Way In My Life


How about dedicating today as a day you will watch your words, actions and thoughts to focus on peace? Redirect anything that steers you off course so you can be peace and live in peace.   And, how about nourishing and advancing peace for a week, then 30 days?


Can you imagine what your life would feel like? And, what those around you will feel? The ripple effect.


Do you realize how much healthier it is to feel calm, grateful and in charge of how your life goes?


In today’s world of chaos, frustration and animosity, it’s important to have tools that allow you to find peace and serenity.


To realize you can make different choices when you are not in harmony.

When you feel like your life is out of your control.  


Awareness is the first thing to make a change.


Notice where you are out of sorts. Is that anger, stress or betrayal? Then notice what triggers you to that rage, negativity or sadness.


That’s when you have the power to make a change. You realize I am raging about what he said to me. At that point, the other person has your power.


You must move yourself from being the victim to being the victor or being in charge. It reminds you that you have a choice. Whether that is driving and someone cuts in front of you or if you are angry that someone left you. Realities that happen in daily life.


You are in charge of the type of life you want to live.


When you know you have an option or another way, is when you can begin the process of feeling lighter, more hopeful. Doing something different.


The key is to have resources at your fingertip to change feeling helpless or hopeless.


Start small. Too often we think we have to make big changes, but that’s not the way to transformational change. It’s one step in a new direction, then another and before you know it your life is changed. You are leading your life in the way you want. Whether that is with peace, love or compassion.


That rules your life.


As Marianne Williamson says, beginning your day with even five (5) minutes of meditation changes the course of your day. As well it’s better for your cells, too.


Choose some mantras to use when you are upset. A couple I use are:

“Peace begins with me.”

“This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.”   Course of Miracles

“I can choose peace instead of this.” Course of Miracles


For instance, when someone has upset you. Instead of ranting about how that happened, or it’s their fault or continually sharing the story, want peace, want guidance to a better feeling space. Then choose a mantra, a walk or meditation. Whatever puts you in “your good” space.


As Tony Robbins says, change your physiology, change your life. Science of Mind says, change your thinking, change your life. You have lots of options. So as you move or as you change your thinking, things shift in your life.


It goes in the direction you want.


You have to decide you want something different from the way you are doing it that is causing the unrest. Then use tools that help you go in the new direction. At first, it can be awkward and seem like work. Shortly, if you use them, they will be part of your everyday life.


I incorporate both changing my physiology and changing my thinking. I’m a person who likes to move, so it’s easy for me to get up, go outside and just walk and use my mantras.


I don’t like disharmony.

I want my life loving, joyful and abundant.

I know I am in charge of how my life goes.

I know “stuff” happens.

I know I have the tools to do something different if I don’t like what is happening. Sometimes I can get there rather quickly and sometimes it takes days to get back on track.


What I know, it takes awareness and consciousness of what is happening within me and then knowing what I want instead to live the life of more love, joy and abundance.


How could choosing peace to guide your life today help you live your best life?


What step or change will you begin now to ensure you are on your way to a better life?