Compassion Begins Through Your Experiences

The world needs more compassion right now. The world is divided.

Compassion can begin restoring our faith and trust in each other.

Compassion allows you to offer help and accept others where they are.

You put aside judgments.

You offer sympathy and empathy.

You are there for each other.

How can that happen? What is YOUR part?

What have you overcome?

Did you know your heart opens when you overcome something?

Review your life and note where you have “made it through” a situation you didn’t think you could or wondered whether it was possible. Like an illness, a divorce, or the loss of someone you love, even enduring a statistic class, or building a house. Think of every situation you struggled with and made it to the other side.

There is power in who you have become because of what you have overcome, even if it is a fear of something.

Think of how good that feels.

Think of how positive you feel about yourself.

Think of how strong you feel inside and out.

You can understand what others feel when you have experienced and lived through something. You can feel compassion for them and their situation.

You know the trials and tribulations of experiencing that situation.

You can value the struggle, the journey, and the accomplishment.

You can relate to others.

You set aside differences; you don’t even care.

That is why there are support groups and people of like-mindedness. So you can be there for each other. Your heart and mind are open to receiving and giving the gift of compassion.

Compassion opens new worlds for you and others.

Most people don’t realize the power of all they have overcome. They haven’t seen how to serve others or connect with the world more—even their own families.

Compassion is the key to being there for others.

Experts say one of our greatest needs is to be connected to others and be in relationships.

Compassion improves health and well-being. We can all use more of it – individually and collectively.

Use your experiences to help heal you and others.

The world needs more of you so more hearts can open.