Dance While You Can Into 2018


There are two ways to go through life – either laughing or crying. Wouldn’t you rather laugh?


Can you allow your heart to guide you instead of your head?


Take time to quiet yourself and reflect upon 2017. Celebrate a year well lived, I hope you did that. I hope you cherished the 24 hours, the 1,440 minutes and the 86,400 seconds each day you have been given.


Find the things that made your life better – even the painful things. What brought you the most joy? Where did you make a difference? What turned out better than you thought it would? What was your greatest pain?


For Bo and I, we added two new grandchildren. What joy our 6 little ones bring us, freshness to seeing the world and watching the joy of parenthood for our kids. We crossed off our African Safari from our bucket list, well, really mine. Simply amazing to be in the bush and be part of that environment. Such an appreciation for nature’s beauty and the animal kingdom. Painfully, we both lost a sibling. I lost my sister to ALS. Bo lost his brother to Scleroderma. It was life-changing. It stops you in your tracks. Nothing like death or an illness to get your attention. It’s hard not having them to chat with, and enjoy and share life. Hard as we watched their families manuveur a new way a life through each holiday and family milestone. But, blessed for the times we had together. Our lives are better for the time we enjoyed them. But, it’s made us realize how important it is to truly live the days you are given.


Counting down a new year is like spring cleaning – clear away that which no longer serves you and keep the things that bring joy and delight.


Think about breaking some patterns that no longer work – like for me, eating dairy or gluten. Why do I keep making choices that I know I will live the negative consequences? It’s time to give it up. To live healthier for now, and long term.


As you begin thinking about what you want your 2018 to look like for you, I remind you life is limited and precious. Use your losses and pain to propel you to the future you want.


STOP procrastinating or saying someday or one day.


What’s your story for 2018?


Let the New Year provide you with the freedom and energy to live a fulfilled life, not one where there is regret. Move from fears to being more light-hearted and fun.


Where in your days or weeks are you laughing, playing and enjoying life?


Think about who you are being today and what you are becoming. Is it who you want to be?


How could this year be different? Make this year a time to fulfill your desires.

More of what’s on your bucket list.

More of what’s true to you.

More fun.


Aligning with this new direction might require some new visibility and vulnerability. It requires pouring your heart into something that means the world to you.


What one word could help you?

Is that “Listen” – to your inner wisdom?

How about “Trust” you will be guided to what is right for you if you listen to your heart and soul. To what is right for here and now.


As you know my business is about Thriving in unRetirement to live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled. No matter the circumstances. Maybe you need this focus even more when things are haywire. Let them be a wake call to make some changes, look at what you do want rather than allowing it to pull you down.


One of the things I know for sure is that you are more likely to make the changes you want when you have someone supporting you and holding you accountable. Let me be that for you.


What has happened for you in 2017 that is a wake-up call, to realize the time is now to live the life you want? It seems as if there is a trade-off between what is comfortable and what might be. The bigger question becomes more poignant and urgent as you are aging.


How can you use that joy, that growth or that pain to help create urgency, get moving toward that business, trip or project you have put off?


Dance like it matters! Because it does, this is YOUR life.


Vow for 2018 to be a prosperous, healthy and vibrant year where you make a difference for you and others by using the gifts you were given in 2017.