Declare Your Independence

Independence Day is a time of celebration and reminder of our freedom whether it’s the Boston Pops Orchestra fireworks show over the Charles River, Seward, Nebraska town square celebration, Denmark’s national park celebration, picnics, or family gatherings. How are you celebrating?

Celebration is an important part of living your best life.  You are taking time to enjoy life.

Let this Independence Day be a reminder that you want to be free to live the life of your dreams and you are no longer settling for mediocrity.  Life will pass you by if you are not willing to take the time to refocus on what you want and free yourself from whatever is holding you back.

What is your Declaration of Independence you live your life by?  Where can you free yourself and commit to the life you want?  One day I was volunteering at a Challenge Day at a local high school.  The leader made a small box on the gym floor out of tape. The box was just big enough for his feet to step in and not step on the tape.  He asked us to see how this box could reflect your perspective on life.  Do you see your “limited” view about your thinking, beliefs, judgments, exclusions?  You build your world based on a small understanding and perspective of what is available.  You are closed off to experiencing a bigger life.  There is a whole world of freedom and possibility out there – just like the rest of the gym floor waiting to be experienced.  But your thoughts and beliefs can stop you from having the freedom to create a greater life.  Where in your life are you playing small, keeping you from living your best life?

Commit to creating a life you love.  My weight has been controlling my thinking and living the life I love.  Intellectually I know the right things to put in place – eat healthy and exercise.  I also know that 90% of the change I need is my mindset. Boy, have my gremlins been working overtime.  Guess what happens, the more I think about what I don’t want, the more I get it.  That’s why it’s so important to focus on what you want – because you get more of it.  Not always easy when you are so emotionally connected or charged by something like I am in how I look.

I have been telling myself that I want this to be the last time I “control” my weight that I want to be aligned with what I know is living my best life.  So what are the steps to freedom for me?

  • Commit to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Create my “Declaration of Independence” standards for healthy living.
  • Make choices for my highest good from those standards by aligning with what my body needs.
  • Take one step, celebrate, take the next one, celebrate, etc.
  • Keep my vision and commitment close to me.
  • Find support to keep focused on what I want.

Why might success be more likely with this plan? It’s my plan. It gives me the freedom to choose what I know is best and doesn’t make it feel like I’m depriving myself.  It empowers me, doesn’t feel like I need to be on another diet for the 20th or 50th time. I’m designing a life that works for me by listening and honoring my body, appreciating and in gratitude for all that is right.  I’m asking for guidance and support. I’m aligning with what I desire rather than what I don’t want.

I know I am closer to freeing myself from this endless cycle of sabotaging that which I want for my life.  Wish me well.

I’m committed to living at the top of my game.

What are you committed to?  Freeing yourself to live the life of your dreams requires a commitment and a plan to make it happen.  How can this Independence Day be a reminder of what’s calling forth for you?  How can I support you in what you want?

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