How can you get “outside your box” and step into the best version of you this year?

2017 brings a new year, new beginnings for you — if you allow it.

What excites you?

PLAY, enjoy the magic and imagination.  Think about the possibilities of what can happen for you this year.

Let your future be bright and fun.  So what if others think you are crazy.  They are missing out on some fun.

Look at others living life like you want.  I just read about a 91-year old lady taking up running in her nursing home.  She’s running down the hall and up some stairs.

She has chosen to move, defy what others tell her can happen at this age.

How are you stepping outside the box and doing what you love?

Did you take time to revel in the wonderful things that happened for you in 2016?

Remember, what you focus on, you receive more of.  Savor those highlights, those moments or events that you cherish and enjoy and were important to you.

Or, did you let January move on in without gratitude and appreciation for what life offered you?

And, not even consider the parts of your past you liked to create the best version of yourself for 2017.

You create your reality, your life.

Your past is the greatest predictor of your future UNLESS you choose daily to live something different.

How do you get started with creating what you want?

Decide what you want.  What does the 2017 best year ever look like for you?  For me, my business takes off exponentially with the numbers of people I am serving.  I’m going to check another spot off my bucket list.  We are going to take an African Safari with Backroads Biking and Hiking.  I get to play with the big 5.  I am out of this world excited.

I heard too many of my friends and family say, “I wish we would have done that when our health would have let us.”  I’m not waiting anymore.

I’m planning for what I want.  I am making choices each day to ensure I can have the life I want.

Imagine yourself as your superhero or like people you admire. Make a list of the specific qualities and characteristics you find attractive.  Then, think about what you need to do to be that superhero this year or have those qualities in your life.

What baggage are you still carrying forth in your life that makes you feel like you can’t have or do what you want in 2017?

What needs to be gone?  What is no longer serving you?

The biggest limitations are the thoughts in your mind.

If 2016 was a challenging year for you, how can you use that to help you go deeper in what life is offering you?  What messages are there for you? If you are like me, sometimes I get three (3) bongs because I don’t pay attention.

As I have shared before, this year was really hard for me with some health issues with people near and dear to me – my sister receiving the diagnosis of ALS, my son-in-law having thyroid cancer, a good friend having glioblastoma and then right before Christmas losing one of my good girlfriends to a heart attack.

I definitely had a wake-up call about how blessed I am with my health.

These painful opportunities have taken me deeper into gratitude and appreciation.

Wondering, how I can use what I have learned and felt to contribute to the world?  How can I be a beacon of light for others to have an easier way beyond my pain, hurt, and fears?

Time is limited.

Realizing, today is the day I am given, it’s a present.

How can I make the most of what life has given me to help others have the best life possible?

 How can I inspire you to live your 2017 to the fullest?  Quit worrying about the time’s not right or what others might say.  Do it anyway. 

 How can I encourage you to take great care of your body and mind? 

Don’t have to be the perfect weight but one that makes you feel alive.  Don’t have to strive for flat abs, but feel great and healthy. Don’t have to go to school but learn new things to keep your mind sharp.

 How can I remind you to start a practice of gratitude and appreciation?

I used to tell people to write out 5-10 things they were grateful for.  But, recently I went to a Rule One Investing conference where Phil Town told us about a Japanese billionaire who uses “MARU”.  MARU is a practice of sharing 1000 ways a day you are grateful and how you appreciate life.

What are you deciding to do so you can be the best version of yourself in 2017? 

Share on Facebook one step you are taking today – even if it is writing 5-10 things you are grateful.  (or go for the MARU, 1000).

What you do today, creates your tomorrow.

Step outside your box.