Did You Ever Just Want to Give Up on New Year Resolutions

In my last blog, I encouraged you to look back on your 2015 for the highlights and the things that you no longer wanted in your life. Often, it is easier to think about what you want than letting go of the past or your stuff.

As you move forward in 2016 with all your dreams, aspirations, and resolutions, it’s important to leave behind those things that no longer serve you. It will bog you down if you don’t.

Here’s how detoxing your 2015 can make your resolution come to life.

If you are you like most people who make resolutions, you said you are going to live a healthier lifestyle for the next year.

Did you decide what a healthier lifestyle entails so you CAN “achieve” your resolution? Does that mean you focus:

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  • On what you eat — less meat, more organic; more fresh foods, less or no processed? How many times a day, a week?
  • On what you think — like choosing a more positive outlook on things, seeing things from a glass half full rather than half empty; choosing more inspiring thoughts rather than judging thoughts? Such as, I will begin my day with positive….stories, thoughts, etc.
  • On how much you are moving your body — are you walking more; standing instead of sitting at your computer; using a Fitbit to help keep track of your activity, to motivate you? How many days will you walk, how far?
  • On better choices for what fills your day — like what you read, listen to, or who you hang out with?

Then, after you decided what a healthier lifestyle means for you, you have to let go of the parts of your past that are in contrast of your resolutions so you can have success with them.

Detoxing is one way to open up space for you to live that healthier, vibrant and fulfilling life.

Detoxing is a process of cleaning out-as stated in wikipedia “Detoxification or detoxication (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, …”

What were some of the things you no longer wanted from 2015?

Take time to let them go.

Do you need to detox your mind, body, and/or home?

  • If you want to eat healthier, then it’s time to clean out the pantry and refrigerator to make sure you have the foods you want.
  • Does your body need cleansing? Take time to learn about the benefits of detoxing your body from all the chemicals ingested through daily living.
  • Is your closet full of clothes you haven’t worn in years and you keep thinking you will be that size? I’m guilty, this will be a great reminder for me.
  • Are your garage and attic full of things you haven’t used in years? How about any mini-storages?
  • Could your thoughts, limiting beliefs, and resentments be cluttering up your mind, keeping you down?
  • Is your mind full of negative input? Shut off television. I heard that most people spend half of their leisure time watching tv. I don’t watch much television. But the other day I was trying to find a commercial that my son-in-law is in from Integris, and quickly was affected by the craziness of what they were showing.

You can choose something simple like detoxing from television to live healthier and more vibrant.

Where is DETOXING calling you?

Get rid of whatever may be keeping you from living your healthy, vibrant life.

Fill your time with things you love to do. Do things that will raise your energy and aliveness with life, clear out a drawer, a closet. Fill your rooms, house and office with only the things that have meaning for you and that make your heart sing with joy.

You can SUCCEED with a healthier, vibrant and fulfilling 2016 when you decide what you will no longer take with you into this new year and commit to your resolutions.

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