Did You Know That Shame Is One Of The Darkest Energies You Carry?

I would venture to say that if you feel life is hard, somewhere inside of you shame is controlling your ways.

Shame is at the bottom of the energies passing through life.

If you are carrying much shame, you are often stuck and feeling helpless and hopeless. You probably define your life as miserable because shame does feel miserable.

What if instead of holding on to all you feel shameful about, you took some time to be with it? I know it can feel painful but not as heavy as carrying it with you every day. Think of the shame as a suitcase you have been carrying around for decades.

No wonder you are tired and worn out.

The problem is that many people have stuffed the shame so deep, it’s hard to know the origins or the cause. It has multiplied, probably exponentially, if it hasn’t been looked at.

The interesting thing about life, you will continue to receive the lessons you need until you heal what’s there, like the shame you are holding.

Stop and take a moment to think about things you might be shameful of in your past. The way you treat people, the things you do. I know for me, my divorce created layers and layers of shame. Great density and darkness. Shameful I couldn’t hold a marriage together, shameful for the pain I caused my kids and others. Shameful for the image of all that. For years and years, I thought I was the most horrible person. I didn’t see life as I do today.

Shame is hard stuff.

Remember, the past has happened. You can’t control what has happened.

You CAN control your thoughts about it.

You CAN control how you speak to yourself.

You CAN control what you give your energy to.

You CAN decide to open up to what you are feeling about it.

You CAN decide to ask for guidance to heal whatever transpired.

You CAN decide to forgive yourself and others.

The mindset one uses to look at life creates either greater density and negativity or opens you to life as an opportunity to be more.

Mistakes or situations we did and aren’t proud of don’t have to be lifetime curses.

Transformation or transmutation can happen as soon as you are ready and open to see what might be there FOR YOU.

Could you reflect on your shame and see how that situation might be trying to help you expand in some way?

Life is meant to flow as you grow.

What would it take to be easy and loving about yourself as you overcome the shame you are carrying?

If you have the courage and fortitude to release some of the layers of shame you are carrying, ask questions like:

“Am I identifying with this, or am I watching this?”

“Am I willing to release judgment so something higher can show up for me?”

“What else is possible?”

“What would it take to live in Higher Energy, Universal Life Force?”

Commit to inner honesty. Nobody can feel or know what you have thought and been carrying because of the shame you created. It is yours to release.

Shame is heavy. It keeps you closed off. It keeps more light from being in your life.

Decide today that you will be courageous and sit with something you have felt shameful about. Open to the feelings of love. Open your heart. Begin with forgiving yourself. Ask higher questions and open-ended questions that can guide you on how this situation could serve you to be a happier and more peaceful you. Believe you can see the situation in a new light.

Today is a new day. Lighten your load.

Your thoughts create the density; your thoughts can release you.

Shame is not meant to be carried; it is to awaken you to new possibilities.