Discipline – 24 Days

My husband and I just finished our 24 day Advocare Challenge with success. Our son and daughter-in-law had recently completed it and had great results losing some weight so we decided we would try. The program has a plan and is very structured. My husband said he could do anything for 24 days. He liked the idea of a focused program. The discipline of a defined plan was helpful by taking one day at a time. It was nice to have each other to remind us what we were to do for that day. We were disciplined to get the exact food and supplements for each meal we needed out for the day. The first 10 days is the cleanse period. The last 14 days are burn days and refuel days. Each meal and snack is clearly defined.

Lots of thoughts popped up for me around the discipline of all of this. It was really helpful to have the plan and structure. It gave us a focus each day. We knew what we needed to do.  Too much of this would feel too confining and unrealistic. I am sure that is why they figured 24 days was a good number of days for you to feel rewarded with some good results. We both felt really good about being disciplined enough to follow the plan. The structure was helpful for us in this goal we had chosen. It took discipline and support for us during this Challenge. Where could you use some discipline in your life?