Discipline – Making dreams a reality

Now that I am working at home for my business one of the things I have to make sure I do is create some discipline in my schedule. It is easy for me to squander away days working out, going to lunch with friends and running up to the city to be with my daughter and sometimes walk her dogs. What a great life to be free and do as I please when I want, yet I have big plans for my life. Without some focus and discipline, my dream will only be a fantasy rather than the reality of my heart.

I am working on building my coaching business. In order to do that, I have to create some boundaries and set some timelines to achieve my dream. There are lots of steps to take to do. So if I am not disciplined and inspired enough to do the work, I could easily put off moving ahead. The freedom, discipline and inspiration keep me pumped up to do the many steps needed to create my business!!!

Where in your life could discipline help make your life easier, more meaningful and productive? Or even fulfill your dream?