You Are What You Think

My husband and I were listening to our weekly Joel Osteen message. The message was about are you activating faith or fear in your life. He talked about having discipline with your thoughts. What you are thinking is what you are inviting into your life. Take a look at your life and see if you have what you desire. If not, pay attention to your thinking. Become conscious or aware of what you are saying. Ask yourself if what you are saying is really what you want.

Joel talked about how fear will take over your thoughts if you allow it. He shared that you pay attention to all the messages you hear around you – flu season, get your shot so you won’t catch it; economy is bad – afraid I’ll be laid off. Why not instead, think more positive thoughts instead of put yourself in the worry or negative aspect of the situation? You attract that which you give the most energy. Trust that you will be provided for, and that you will be healthy and free from illness. You get that which you desire. Too often you get the opposite of what you think you are asking because you haven’t disciplined yourself to be aware of what you are saying. Most people don’t think they are asking for the flu. Pay attention to the conversations around you. I can guarantee you from the conversations I hear, and all the attention people give to it, they are attracting it to their life.

How about you? The key to shifting your negative thoughts is to have some discipline with what you think, say, do and believe. What area of your life could use some discipline with your thoughts? How can you start paying attention to what you are attracting in your life with your thinking? Where could you shift the negative thinking to a more positive focus on what you desire? Most often, all it takes is a little discipline to shift your thinking on what you want rather than on what you don’t want.