Discover – All the Possibilities

We had the best weekend. We were able to discover new places and new opportunities. Bo’s cousin’s son was married at River Edge in southeastern Oklahoma and we were invited to be a part of the festivities. We didn’t even know this place existed. The wedding was outdoor with friends and family. We were able to be surrounded by all these people who loved and cared about John and Amey. We were sponges learning about the connections with everyone. Life provides so many opportunities to grow and expand your horizons if you are open and willing to take advantage of what is possible.

A few years back we had stayed in some cabins that are nearby at Eagle Cliff by Octavia. They were fabulous and we thought we had found paradise when we found those. This area was just as fabulous if you enjoy outdoor adventure. There are so many possibilities. River Edge has canoeing, biking, hiking, fishing and relaxing. The property is beautiful and very secluded. The scenery is gorgeous. The trees were changing and the views were spectacular wherever you looked.
The cabins are fabulous and quite romantic. Each cabin is located on the river’s edge. No television, just beautiful decks on your cabins to sit out and enjoy the sounds and view the wildlife. We spotted a huge owl in the tree in the front yard of our cabin. I had never seen one so large, it was exciting. We saw 6 deer on our hike. There was so much to do and enjoy with little time to take it all in. We will return.

There is so much to discover right here in Oklahoma. How are you taking time to discover another world around you? Are you open to the possibilities that life presents you? Are you grateful for it?