Do You Believe Everything is Happening For You?


I love to read. I love to grow and expand my world.

But, I like doing it on my terms.

Sound familiar?

Except that life happens.

One of the daily reflections in my Science of Mind magazine was “Everything is Happening for Me.”

I bet you jumped right on that and said, “Oh, yes!”

Life is mirroring what you need or have asked for.

It doesn’t always feel that way.

It’s quite hard at times to see your part in situations you perceive as negative.

I believe if you are evolving and conscious of having the greatest life you can, this statement is true for you.

It is happening to you even if you aren’t conscious. You will have a completely different response. You are probably angry, in resistance or complaining rather than realizing that whatever is happening IS for you.

Been there. Try to play there less and less.

I talk about this concept in my book, Making Your Dreams Come True, 21-day Journey to Your Higher Self. You are on two planes – the physical and the spiritual. You are experiencing everything in the physical plane but the meaning behind situations highlight your spiritual journey.

If you choose to take it.

For example, this week I had someone upset at me. I didn’t do something they thought I should have done. (That’s the physical reality of it.)

When you know there is something for you, it takes you out of blame, trying to be right.

You realize those people are providing you with the perfect opportunity to evolve, to clean up something for you, to be your most loving self.

Not easy, but pretty spectacular when you can honor the process.

Here’s how I realized it was happening for me. I’ve been working on being authentic, being vulnerable and okay that things are where they are with my business.

I want to be further along.

I want to know how to do all these things – like doing great Facebook Lives and webinars.

I want to have more products and services to offer.

It’s okay to desire more, but the key is to appreciate where you are and be eager for more.

I know it takes time. But, I want it now.

I’m not easy on myself.

Guess what happens, you attract more of that. That negative, low energy.

I realized I was playing in the worry, frustration energy.

Instead of appreciating that I am a beginner,

Instead of having fun and enjoying all the steps,

Instead of being in awe of how far I’ve come,

I was given “something” to help me clean it up.

This relationship matters to me. I want it to be fabulous. So I needed to be authentic and vulnerable. Not play in my low energy, being defensive.

It is part of my physical world.

But working from a higher plane allows you to come more from an authentic place and come from love rather than fear when dealing with the situation.

You are in a different space.

The problem and solution are different vibrations.

So next time you find yourself in a testy situation, see how quickly you can go within and see the wisdom it has for you.

Ask yourself. Are you willing to find a solution or do you want to stay in the problem?

Each time you are hurt, upset or worried, go to the solution, to God, or your higher self first.

Find the insight, the message for you.

Then notice how it helps you with more loving communication, more understanding and more peace to solve the problem.

And, be willing to respond from the higher vibration, the solution.

Not easy, but worth it!


I’d love to hear about a situation you’ve encountered and how you realized that everything is happening for you.

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