Do You Believe Heaven Is A Place Within You?


How jolting is it to you to read this title?  That heaven is a place within you? 


I know for me growing up Catholic, Heaven was the place you could go to if you were good or this perfect girl.  It was way up in the sky and only special people were able to work their way there when they died. 


I know when I first learned heaven is right here within me and that I created it, I was taken back.  It seemed sacrilegious.   But, I knew it felt right.  I knew it made more sense than someplace out there only certain people got to go to.


What is your imagine of Heaven?


Heaven is a state of mind.  It is a happy emotional state of being. 


Here is a definition from the dictionary: “a very pleasant or enjoyable place or situation.  We spent our vacation in a real heaven on earth.”


Where in your life is there pure joy and bliss?  Think of how healthy and alive you feel when you are radiating those feelings.  Heavenly…


Take in what is blissful for you.  Fill you up. 


You can live in paradise right here on earth when you begin from within.


What if you could take that sacred term of “Heaven”, and live your life here on earth as every day is sacred? 


I know, probably not totally realistic.  But, think of how much better life could be. 


Think about the kindness, the helping, the goodness you feel as you think about heaven.  Everyone doing Godly deeds. 


How could your life and everyone else’s be better here on earth if we just shifted some of our thinking? 


Work backward.  Choose to live as heaven is right here on earth. 


Think about how you live your daily life.


What walls need to be torn down to allow you to live from the place of heavenly bliss?


How can you shift how you think about heaven and live a more peaceful, loving life right now here on earth?


It all starts within. 


Find your truths about life and what’s right for you.   


Knowing your life is divinely guided and you are always going in the “right” direction.  Everything is for your Higher Purpose.

Knowing when you have love in your mind you have love in your life.

Knowing life is for you.  Move through your days light-hearted.  Think about how you could shift the way you do life and chores — do them in a more joyous and loving way. 


With heaven as your focus, living your values of being your Highest and most Godly like, feel what life is really about.


Life is not about barely enough or just getting by.  Or busyness.   


God created you to be something special.  You have uniques gifts, talents and skills that only you can give and serve the world. 


Take in what heaven on earth looks like for you.  What is yearning to express through you?


Decide that your life will become heaven on earth. 


Think about how you can experience God, your connection to something Higher each and every day, and all throughout the day.


What do you think about heaven is within you rather than a place to go?