Do You Celebrate How Far You Have Come?


Wow, look at how far you have come.


Life is a journey.


It’s essential to celebrate life, celebrate your successes and growth, and all the struggles along the way.


What you focus on, you receive more.


Celebrating how far you have come encourages you to keep moving toward whatever you desire.


One of the most significant changes for me has been following the lead of what’s happening inside of me. Instead of letting the outside world direct my life. What huge steps here. I feel the peace and alignment with my core feelings and values, living more on purpose than as a reaction to outside circumstances.


It’s more about how I am being than what I’m achieving. I still like to challenge myself and go after something new, but the focus and intent are from a totally different space. More loving, calming and joyful. A shift in perspective.


Who are you identifying yourself with today? Think of how that has changed – teenager – student – employee – CEO – wife – mother – grandmother – athlete – musician – retired? Lots of changes.


Are you identifying with them for power, worth, or importance? Or have you moved beyond the label to loving and accepting the opportunities that identity has for you? It is important not to be attached to the identity. Why? Because you think that’s your worth, who you are. Yes, it is part of your journey.


One of the most devastating things is when people retire, how quickly they become ill or die because their work or career was who they thought they were. They think they were somebody because of that position or work. Now they are lost, wondering who they are without that. They lose their purpose or meaning in life because it was in that identity.


Our roles in life help us travel life in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.


One of the hardest lessons for me was identifying who I was as a mother. I thought that was my identity, that made me somebody special. Yes, I can feel special, grateful, and proud, but you become a victim when you let something outside yourself be more important than you. I often said if my kids were good, then I was good. But that is giving my power away, letting their decisions dictate how I let my life run. The big shift and growth for me were to detach from it. Yes, I am concerned and pray for their highest and greatest good, but who and what they decide has nothing to do with my happiness – significant challenges and growth. Yes, I feel sadness, hurt and such, but I remind myself to love and accept because it is their life. They are in charge of what they choose. I don’t have to agree or like it, but I no longer let it define who I am. Of course, I have to process and work through each situation because nothing matters more than these two and their kids.


Really a shift in perception – as the saying goes, pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.


Big, big celebration on how far I’ve come. It’s the ultimate because my kids are my world. My role as a mother is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given and one of the most demanding challenges and opportunities.


How are you letting your children define who you are or how your day is going?


Another area of my life that stands out of how far I’ve come and how much I need to celebrate is my relationship with my body and food. Oh, my goodness, all I have learned in this area of my life is another big teacher in my life. I never had a relationship with food or my body. I saw all that outside myself. I didn’t understand food as medicine, as the nutritionist for my body, or how my thoughts affected my body and mind. I made the number on the scale mean everything. I made certain foods wrong. I had no idea about nurturing my body. Today, I know how wise my body is and its wonderful gift. Today, I pay attention to my body’s feelings by asking what she needs. More than not, but not always, I listen to those needs. I still choose things that I know lower my energy, make me bloated, and cause reactions, but not as often. I am aware of my choices. So, so grateful for how far I have come.


Let yourself realize setbacks don’t last forever and are often some of the best teachers to awaken you to a greater life.


A great activity is to go through the decades of your life and list the highlights. Then, bring those back to your awareness. See how far you’ve come. Look to what were the greatest messages you took from that era. It will make you proud. It can help you maneuver life more easily now if you take some of the wisdom and bring it to help you make it through your todays.


Check out the changes in your beliefs. The contradictions of life. One of the changes I had was that I thought life was hard. So everything in life felt that way. I had to work hard. Effort, effort, and effort. Whereas today, I try to look more from the feminine point of flow and ease. New beliefs I have now are:

Life is for me.


Ask, and it will be given.


Gratitude, gratitude, and gratitude for everything.


More acceptance of what is and less resistance to what is happening even when I don’t like it or question it.


I now try to be more the witness or observer and let whatever is happening to help me raise my level of

understanding and consciousness. – quite a work in progress for me.


I can celebrate how far I’ve come – even the awareness of how different I was.


Take time to celebrate how you have figured out life, made life better for yourself, and found meaning and purpose for what you are choosing.


How is your life better today because of your yesterdays?


Celebrating reinforces the good in life. Do more celebrating, so you create a life with more of what you desire.


Go lightly.