Do You Do Healthy Things For Yourself?


Life is messy. Today’s world is full of uncertainties.


Life is what you make of it. Let life be simple.


Find ways to bring more joy to you each day, whether calling someone, looking through old pictures, or volunteering.


Struggle and resistance cause your body to be in fight or flight mode. But, unfortunately, too much of today’s society has you staying in this stressed-out way.


Peace is an inside job that can bring you happiness and feelings of contentment.


More than ever, it’s time to make sure your focus is on how you are doing healthy things for yourself.


Decide how you want to feel. Think about your core feelings and include them in all you do. Your life will be more peaceful and joyful because you live according to your needs.


Health is more than freedom from illness.


It’s creating the life you want and living that attitude of what’s right for you.


Think about all these ways to enhance your health.


Self-love is about accepting yourself and honoring all you are. It’s letting go of comparisons and criticisms.


Make sure your life is meaningful. What matters to you?


Think about the music in your heart. What is calling you to do that honors you and your desires?


As Marianne Williamson states, “Who are you not to be…fabulous, gorgeous, and beautiful?”


What are some of the healthy things you do for yourself?


Think about your connections. Loneliness is epidemic. Make sure you stay connected to others that bring you joy and fulfillment.


Breathing is crucial to your existence. Breathing can bring light and love to your cells if done as loving and caring deep breathing in a parasympathetic way. Relaxed and loving.


Receive life with ease and grace. Feel how those words change your energy.


Eat slower. Become more conscious of how the food tastes and feels.


Play more. Schedule in the fun if you need to like I used to have to because I took life too seriously.


Trust more. There is a power greater than you in charge of life.


Think about the different aspects of yourself – spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional.


How are you taking care of each element? What are the healthy things you are doing?


Spiritually – Bring more light and love to yourself and the world. Meditate. Find a greater connection to the Divine. Live more in Truth.


Mentally – How are you filling your mind with kindness and positive living? Attitude is 90% of living. Notice how much you are focused on life being for you.


Physically – How grateful are you for ALL your body does for you? What percentage of your day are you eating healthy? Food is medicine. Are you moving 30 minutes a day?


Emotionally – Are you honoring all you are feeling? Let go of that which isn’t serving your Highest Good.- like resentments, blaming.


Live more in the moment. Let go of the energy monsters living in the future or from the past. They rob you of your today. Instead, think about what you need right now. The power is in the now. So is the joy.


Everything begins with a yes. So say yes to life more, and watch how life begins to work for you.


Be outdoors more. Nature is freeing and healing.


Choose two (2) things to do each day that will bring a healthier lifestyle for you. Small steps today will get a healthier you tomorrow. Soon it will become a habit, so you live a healthier life.


Let healthy be your focus this week.