Do You Feel the Urgency?

This past week has been a great reflection for me, on the importance of doing what you love and living the life you want to live.

And, it has created a sense of urgency for me.  To help push me off center.  To remind me that time is limited.

  • Wondering why you put off creating that life right now, when you talk like it’s what you want?
  • Wondering why is it always someday?
  • Wondering why you put off living the life your heart and soul are calling for?

It’s easy to think  – I’ll do that when I retire, when the kids are grown or when I have more time.

Often that time never comes. 

Instead, I am asking you to use life’s precious moments to live a life that MATTERS TO YOU.


Take charge.  Let this be a wake-up call to get into action.

When you live in an unconscious way and let life happen to you, there’s a tendency to react to situations rather than plan to live the life you want.  You think you don’t have the ability to create what you want because so much is happening to you.

Shift your life in the direction you want it to go.  You can’t get to California if you stay parked in your driveway in Oklahoma.  Same way with living a life that matters.

Find people who can help you or who can guide you to create the business, the product or the life you want.

That’s been one of the fun things about exploring this world of what is possible for Boomers and Retirees.

I see people loving the life they have chosen.  It didn’t just happen.

There’s Ernestine Shepard who started exercising at 56.  At age 74, she was named the oldest female competitive body builder in the Guinness World Record.  Or, Ed Whitlock, 85 year old marathon runner, who has set dozens of age related records and Robert Marchand, who rode more than 14 miles in an hour and he’s 105 years old.

These people are living life.

What do you need to motivate you or encourage you to make the most of this time in your life?

Urgency, that time is running out, is pushing me.

It’s different for each person.

For example, Don Lomangino, 74, wondered if he could make it through the day. He recently returned from a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, a 77.7 mile trek, over 8 days.  He said, “You’ve got to live. It was a promise I made to my wife before she died.”  He spends time in Italy, works part-time writing sermons and speeches for ministry.  He volunteers with literacy programs teaching English as a Second Language.

In the AARP magazine, March, 2017, there was a 2014 study that showed that when people have a purpose, they could add an extra seven years of life.

Just think about this, you not only feel better because you are doing what matters to you, you can live longer.

How does it get better than that?

Yet, we put it off.

Maybe it’s the uncertainty of how to make it happen that keeps you from desires or even knowing what you want to do.

I think about my past leadership work, and my love of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

 One of those principles is so appropriate to use as you have these transitions when you don’t know and you aren’t certain about what you want.

Begin with the end in mind.

 Know the outcome you want (Begin with the end in mind).  Then, tiptoe.  Take baby steps to get there.

I was listening to my Abraham-Hicks CD for this week. Abraham talked about living your “Happily Ever After.”

First, envision what you want.  Believe it can happen for you. Then allow it to come true.

That can be your beginning to know what you want to do.  Think about what is your Happily Ever After.

Let it be your fairy tale so you can just let it come out.  After all the thoughts, ideas and excitement are out on the table, create a plan for it to become a reality in your life.  Set tiny steps, but get in motion.  For example an action could be to Google – being a travel guide, or whatever it is you want.  Then follow that.  Then ask for the next step.

Enjoy the journey.

And, before you know, you are living the life that matters to you.

That is why I am so passionate about what I have chosen to do with my unRetirement career.

I help Boomers and Retirees decide what it is they want to do in this fourth quarter of life.

I help them listen to their heart and begin living that calling.

I help them create the lifestyle they want.

How can I help you with your Happily Ever After now?

Take some kind of action today.

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As Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Time is limited.