Do You Know How Much What You Focus On Creates Your Life?

It is important for you to know what you focus on matters so you can understand how your life will be.

Your inner state is creating your outer reality. The outside tells you that something is off and needs your attention or is suitable for you. It’s the inner game that makes the significant shifts in your life.

Notice where you are playing. Is it in overwhelm, revenge and discouragement? Your life will show you.

You will talk about how stressed you are or how busy you are.

You will be holding grudges, having anger bursts, and wanting to “get back” at others.

You feel discouraged by where you are in life, feeling you haven’t done enough.

Pay attention to your language, conversations, and stories’ slant. It will reveal a lot for you.

Most of these thoughts and conversations are going on unconsciously.

Please become more aware of where you put your energy and thoughts.

Are you ready to see where your attention is?

Think about where you scroll on your social media platforms. What do you listen to? Or, what are you reading or viewing to fill your mind? Conspiracy theories, leading an organization, or living your best life? Health consciousness or illness?

Awareness is the first step to making a change. So first, notice how you are doing in life. Don’t make it wrong. It brought you here to this point in your life.

If you are reading my work, you are ready for more of the Highest you to be revealed.

Remember, what you focus on, you receive more.
As Vernon Howard shared in a story called Levels of Love. “A shopper who insists on remaining on the lower floors will get the products he asks for. His very low level ensures he will get only low-level products. It can be no other
way. If he wishes goods of higher quality, he must personally climb to
a higher floor.”

Where are you aiming?

Do you banter about how expensive things are, have to find the best deal, or do you think of it from the perspective of how I can prosper the most? Think of how a shift in how you view this can change your life. Think prosperity even with the high costs rather than coming from the feeling of scarcity. You will find the best deals but from a prosperity perspective.

I am sure you have noticed things like when you buy a red car or a certain type of car, you suddenly see them all over.

It is because you have now engaged your reticular activating system. As a result, you have a new awareness.

The other day I was driving by an educational place I used to admire because of all their work with early childhood. After I passed by it, I realized I never paid attention to it anymore. My world is not that anymore, so I overlook that. It hit me how important this idea of knowing what you are focusing on is to the life you are creating. That center mattered when I wanted to know about the best education opportunities.

I was engaging with a friend in a conversation where we had two different ideas for addressing a situation. After I left, I realized that my focus was peace above all else. As we were conversing, my suggestions were coming from a more peaceful way, not to prove others wrong or make myself right.

Not bad or good, just the realization of where the focus is.

One of my new desires is to live with ease and serenity. As I catch myself “trying hard” or struggling, I remind myself, “How can this be easy?” Or, stop and breathe. I know it’s a pattern that I have to “attack” the situation rather than handle it with ease and serenity. And, yes, it feels much more peaceful. So, my focus is on peace in all areas of my life and contributing to the greater good of me being more peaceful.
Where is your focus? Right now, today, and tomorrow?

Amazing all life shows you when you are awake to it.

How can you be more awakened to where you put your attention and energy?

Let me know what you focus on to create the life you desire.