Do You Know The Power of “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life?”

I was reminded of how powerful the mantra “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” was this past week with all the talk and excitement around the billion-dollar Powerball ticket. It seemed everyone was talking about it. It was fun listening to:

How expansive their thinking was! Like buying a 747 to take their friends wherever they wanted to go around the globe. All the charities they wanted to help.

How excited they were about new possibilities.

Their minds were racing, and their voices were boisterous.

Everyone around them was in a better feeling place after the conversations. The places were buzzing with joy and laughter. And expansion.

The more you can enjoy whatever you do; the greater your life can be.

Many of you are probably saying well; you can’t win. That’s not the

The point is to broaden your horizons to what IS possible.

Imagine that wonderful thing CAN come to you.

For too many people, your thinking is small and limited. You think only about what you know rather than allowing yourself to imagine greater for whatever you desire – worldwide peace, a supersonic jet, or a cruise around the world.

It is possible. Maybe not tomorrow, and perhaps not just like you thought. But God, The Universe, has something more significant for you if you are open and willing to allow it to come to you.

The more joy or positive expectations you have, the higher your vibration and abundance are before you.

How can you identify with health instead of sickness? Just like when I tore my hamstring off the bone. I had a picture of the most beautiful hamstring I looked at daily and prayed was mine. Yes, it was a long recovery; I was hurt. But I was focused on my recovery, a healthy hamstring, and nurturing my injury. You don’t deny the illness; you own it and focus on what you want.

How can you focus on wealth instead of lack? Be grateful for where you are while knowing there is more for you. 

How can you be happy instead of in misery or victimhood? Unfortunately, life is not joy and roses all the time. But focus more on what you want in life and less on what you don’t, then life can begin meeting you with more positive outcomes.

It’s what you focus on that matters how your life will go.

As David Hawkins, M.D. says, “Your positive energy must be greater than all negativity. Unfortunately, research shows that 80% of the population vibrates to a negative frequency.” Ask yourself:

How is that you?
Where are you vibrating?
Are you part of the 20% or more like the 80%?

I hear so many conversations where people are telling me why life or a

circumstance can’t be good.

Life will give you what you believe. But it takes work and being aware of what you are thinking and what you are sharing in your conversations to change where you are.

It IS worth it.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.

This week we went to OU Medical for an appointment. As I sat there, watching all the people and their conditions were SO upsetting. I told Bo I am so glad we focus on being healthy and have worked to be that.

Thinking is about your mind, body, and spirit.

Remember, your attitude is 80% or 90% of what happens for you.

What voice are you using?

Life happens. It’s how you respond or react that makes the difference. Yes, you can be angry, hurt, and frustrated but don’t grab onto those. Instead, feel them and allow them to propel you to a better feeling place. Even if it is to sit and cry, let it all come out. Then you will be in a better feeling place to tackle whatever you need.

How can you change your thinking to change your life? Start this week:

To notice the conversations, you are having.
To notice the media, you listen to.
To notice your thinking even if for 3-5 minutes.

Become aware.

Are you lifting your life and the life of others around you?

November is meant to be a month of gratitude. So how can your thoughts be more on ALL you have to be grateful for?

December is meant to be joyful and giving. So how can you find more ways to be joyful and share more from your heart?

Your thoughts are powerful. Use them to create the life or day you want.

“As a man thinks, so he is.”