Do You Know You Are In Charge – Whether By Default or By Choosing What You Desire?


Are you just letting life happen to you or are you co-creating the experiences you are having here on earth?


You have a choice. 


It’s yours to decide. 


The more conscious you are, the more empowered you are.  Then you can become more in charge of what happens for you in life. 


If you want more happiness, it’s up to you to notice it, celebrate it and attract more of it.  Start with some tiny examples like, “I love the bed I sleep on,” “I love summer being here which allows me to be outside more,” or “I love the bright flowers all about.” 



Keep shining appreciation and gratitude on what you want more of, and then it grows.


Find things you love about your love life and speak to those.  You will feel more of the happiness that you desire.


It might sound corny or crazy, but the more you get excited and acknowledge what you love about life, the more you receive that. 


What you focus on and where your energy goes is your life. 


For example, right now many people are complaining about all the external things happening like Covid-19, protests and all the unrest.  If that is you, you will continue to attract more of that. 


Change that.   Decide you will be in charge of creating a happier life even though things you don’t like are happening around you.


Try it for a month and notice all the ways your life changes.


If you are not paying attention to how life happens, then you are in default mode. 


The default that most people are living is often the reflection of the group consciousness.  And most often, not the better feeling life.  It’s living in the lower vibrations of life.


If you are tired and drained by the way life is happening for you, and you don’t understand why life is bad, miserable, try something different.


Wake up.   


PAY ATTENTION to your choices, to the chatter in your head. 


To begin, it takes a lot of your focused attention.


Decide you have had enough. 

Decide you want to choose how your life plays out. 

Decide to consciously become the co-creator of your life.

Decide you want to become aware of how you are doing life. 


Let’s stay with happiness if that’s a feeling you desire more of in your life.  Pay attention to what brings you happiness and when you aren’t feeling it.  Write those down.  Writing things down help you feel it more and see it more.  For example,


Start with your day.  What makes you happy?


Think about the little things in your life.  Understand that with only a shift of how you see life, you can bring more happiness to you.  Like, if it’s your day to clean. Think about how much you enjoy a clean house, how that builds your spirit.  Rather than how most of us think about it, “Chores, another thing to do, I hate having to clean.”  Shift the conversation with yourself. 


When you are complaining you will receive more things to complain about because that is your focus.


Your default is doing things by habit, routine or rituals – and most of them aren’t serving you to be your best or giving you the life you want.


It doesn’t have to be that way. 


Focus on happiness.  Focus on what you want.  Decide to talk and think about happiness, not on what you don’t want.


Because you will attract more of that, and more of that.  Before you know it, happiness is all around you.  Your life feels lighter even with all the chaos and changing world around you.


Can you feel the difference?


Keep asking yourself all day if this is bringing you happiness or not.  If not, find a way to shift how you see the situation or how you talk about it so you can feel better.


The conversation and dialogue are going on in your head.  Notice are you letting the choices be made by default or are you going to intervene and create the life you want.


You want to be in charge. You want to choose the higher vibration, the better feeling thoughts so you can create more happiness and the life you desire.  You change how you SEE things. 


What you focus on changes because the world you now see is at a higher vibration. Which means it includes more of the love and the joys of  your life.


Life is more fun when you are choosing how you want your life to be. 


It doesn’t have to be big.  It’s the little things that will change your life.  It’s often just a shift in the way you are talking about situations.  You speak more often about the things you do enjoy.  At the beginning you make a BIG DEAL out of little things that make you smile or you feel good about. 


When you choose to live in a happier place, not only do you live a more fun life, but you lift the world around you, too. 


Make a commitment today to guide your life by the moment to moment decisions and thoughts you are having so you are choosing what you desire.


It’s worth it.  You are worth it.


Invest in yourself.