Do You Know Your Thinking Today Is Creating Your Tomorrow?


Life is full of twists and turns.  


You have the power to decide the direction of your life based on what you believe and what you are thinking.


Richard Bach says, “Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there.  What you choose to do with them is up to you.”


How is your thinking affecting your reality?  


Are you living the life you desire?  

Are you needing a big transformation?

Do you need a few tweaks here and there?


Today is a new day, and new opportunities await you.  See how invigorating life can be when you allow today to be a new day rather than live from your past.  Yes, routines help you make it through things that don’t matter, like brushing your teeth.  But, most of us have a tendency to do today like we did yesterday and the day before.  Which makes life boring and not so meaningful.


How could you take time each day to think about the top 5 – 10 things in life that are 10s for you?  What are they?  My hubby, being healthy, travel, etc.  Keep thinking about them and what makes them a 10 for you.  Focus on the love, the joy, and the excitement that they bring you.  Notice the feelings, that’s your guidance whether you are heading closer to them.  


You are creating your tomorrow based on that thinking.  


Just feel how good your life could be if more of your life is what you love.


What you focus on you get more of in life.  If you focus on the things you love, you receive more of that.  Use games like what are 10s for you to remind you of what you could be thinking about. 


If you are thinking more positive thoughts and ideas, you will receive more of that.  


If you have more negative thinking, which most people do, you keep adding more of those types of scenarios to your life.  Like, notice when things break down and how you handle it. 


Are you in the solution or complaining and blaming?  Notice when there is an illness, where your attention is – on getting well or how bad you feel? 



Immediately after I knew I tore my hamstring off my bone, I found a colorful picture of a supple hamstring that is strong and healthy.   Yes, it hurt like crazy, and I have whined some but I know the principles that create my tomorrow.  Each day I envision my hamstring healthy and attached. I see healing hands on it, and me being back to walking, biking, and hiking.  I get excited about it.  I am on my way.  I’ve already walked 2 miles at once even though it was at a slower pace, and rode my road bike for 24 minutes this week. Yippee!


As Ernest Holmes says, “ Talk to yourself, not to the world.  There is no one to talk to but yourself, for all experiences take place within.”  


What are the prominent thoughts you are having today?  


Complaining about the weather, the environment, and life?  


Enjoying the season, nature, and all you have?


Recognizing the miracles in all things and that life is for you?


Focus on the abundance from your heart.  Your heart and soul speak to you all the time.  


God’s desire is to give you all that you can imagine.  Your thinking and feelings must be on the same vibration.  


What’s the thinking you need?


Start with becoming clear about what you want to increase in your life.  As you have that clarity, find ways to ramp up that thinking to feel those as 10s.  For instance, we love to travel.  Now that traveling is open, there are all kinds of ways to think about adding new places to experience.  Does going to the beach make you feel like a 10?  How about the mountains? My husband wants to go fishing – for him, that trip would be a 10 but for me, not so much.  Feel your way to 10s and add more and more to your life.  Just in planning, you feel your vibration rise and excitement in your body.


Honor what’s true to you.  


Let your mind wander and create the tomorrow you long to live.  Life is too short to settle.


What is your vision for tomorrow?  Make a list of 10 thoughts that can help build your foundation to ensure that is the life you will be living very soon.


Life is special.  Make sure you are living it as the blessing it is.