Do You Look More To The Light or The Darkness


In today’s world, we need more light than ever.


And, as the saying goes, If it is to be, it’s up to me.


Do you live more in the light or the darkness?


Are you focused more on things that bring lightness to your life, such as in higher frequencies such as positive expectations, love, and joy? Or, do you look and spend more time conversing about how bad things are and watching negative things happening?




Awareness is the first step to changing anything. Don’t make yourself wrong when you find yourself a skeptic or playing in the collective negativity. Be willing to shift, even if just 1%, so there is more light and love in your life.


What are YOU doing to bring more light to your life?


What matters to you? Is it climate? Is it a way of being? Is it helping families? Guns? What is it for you?


Everyone has things that matter more than other areas.


Find your area of passion or concern, and find ways to bring more light for others to become more aware.


Notice what guides you each day. Is it routine, schedules or purpose? The purpose will allow you to move ahead.

Notice ways you can make that happen.


Life is calling you to be more light.


Are you more light or darkness? More optimist or pessimist? More loving or fearful?


As Vernon Howard says, “You understand, Dracula can’t stand goodness. He can only stand what he is, which is darkness and evil. So you had better investigate your resistance to light right now. You’re discovering something quite unusual. Do not let it upset you. Don’t let it disturb you. Just say, ‘I want to know what it’s all about,’ and you will find it one day. That will be the greatest day in your life.”


Life is about revelations. Allowing the darkness to be there can help you bring it to light. For instance, instead of resisting some illness or situation, if it is there, it is. Acknowledge it and ask questions about it.


What is this wanting me to know?

What’s right about this I’m not getting?

How can I handle this with ease and grace?


You move to a solution, a higher frequency, and more possibilities by allowing—quicker resolution. For instance, with my hamstring injury last year. I had so many shifts to greater light:


Exponentially more gratitude and appreciation for my body. Fewer judgments in so many ways. More compassion.

Seeing how I could shift from being competitive to the pure enjoyment of whatever I was doing. 

Being more present.



I wouldn’t have had all those experiences without this considerable setback. At first, it was darkness—lots of helplessness, hopelessness, anger, frustration, pity, and being a victim. But, after I allowed all that, I knew I wanted to be healthy. I knew that more than anything. So the peaks and valleys began. But, I had more energy and focus on being able to play ball with grandkids once again, ride my bike, hike, and play pickleball. So far, all but pickleball. Lots of light began happening because I was willing to bring some light to it.


As The Course of Miracles lessons shares, “My grievances hide the light of the world in me.”


What’s inside of you?


Where can you shift darkness in your life to shine a light? And then be a beacon of light for others.


I recently saw a post from Buddhafeedly: “Never blame anyone in your life.


Good people give you Happiness.

Bad people give you Experience.

Worst people give you a Lesson.

Best people give you Memories.”


So with everything in life that appears dark, you have an opportunity to bring it to light.


Like the sunflower Beverly Hutchinson shares in the Miracle Distribution newsletter, “The sunflower also has a message of truth to share with us: It always looks to the light. As it grows, the face of the flower constantly turns to the sun in the east. It follows the sun throughout the day as it moves to the west. Then, at sunset, it bows its head to the west, and during the night, it again turns to the east anticipating the dawn of light.”


Where might you look for more light in your life? How can the sunflower story help remind you of the possibilities to shift some darkness for you?


As Maria Shriver says, “I hope you can find some time to reboot. Your light, presence, joy, and fire are desperately needed in our world. Our world needs people like you to help others, unlike yourself. So take the time you need to reconnect with all that is yours. Your world will thank you. Our world will thank you.”


Let this darkness in the world and your life be your calling—a reminder to bring forth more light.