Do you love the VIBE of December? Or NOT?

december-blog-photoThis time of year can be difficult for many or it can be a joyful time.  Or, at times all over the spectrum.

For instance for me, Christmas was always a great time for our family to get together.  All my sisters and their families came to my parents’ house in Arizona.  I loved it.  It was busy crazy with so many people but fun to connect and be close.  It was our tradition, and often the only time we all saw each other since we lived in different states.

So, that’s how I frame this time of year.  That’s my tradition.  Having family together. Celebrating together – the best we can.

But, for many, it’s a reminder of all the baggage that is brought to the gatherings.

There are usually “triggers” during this season.  What are they for you?

Also, life happens that can change the way the season is perceived.  Whether temporarily or permanently – like, my husband lost his mother this year.  It will be sad that she’s not here to celebrate with us.  Feel the sadness. Honor those people and how they added to your life.

Too often people stay stuck in this pain and the past hurts, and not allow themselves to move forward.

Remember, you are the creator of your life and the vibe you want for it.

Decide today how you want this season to go for you.  Winter is a time to go within.

Let this be a time of year for self-revelation.

As you see the lights go up, notice what happens for you.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Does it bring up uncomfortable feelings?
  • Is it a reminder of the birth of Christ?
  • Does it get you excited to be with family, grandkids and children, or is it a painful feeling for you?

If this season, sends you in overwhelm, then the goal would be to find a way to create more peace no matter what is going on.  Decide what peace is for you now so you can create a different vibe for you this holiday season.

Is it getting in nature, reading a book, or have alone time?

Honor what you feel.

Add more of what you love about this time of year.

  • Is it driving around and seeing how creative people are with decorating their homes?
  • Is it volunteering by ringing the bell or helping other families?
  • Is it sharing time with those you love?

Find the peace and joy you want.  How does that show up for YOU?

Realize the VIBE you want.

In order to create that feeling or life you want:

  • Become aware of what is happening for you. What is no longer working for you?  What is holding you down? What needs to change?
  • Next, let go of those things that no longer are working for you. Like limit the number of social gatherings you attend if you feel uncomfortable with them.
  • Then, make a plan for the new you want. Take steps to change it in the direction you want. BUT, take ACTION.

Let this season be a reminder you can create a life of more peace and joy.

If this is a time in your life that covers up your peace and joy, life is calling you forward to make another choice.  I’d love to support you to add this greater light to your life.

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