Do You Move Toward Or Away From Conflict?


You are in charge of designing your life.


Depending on what you really want for your life, you will decide how you play with conflict.


If you want peace above all, you will look at different options on how to handle the situation.


If you want to be loving, you plan a course of action from a loving point of view, not attack and being the winner.


If you feel like you have been done wrong and working from your ego, you will pull out all the punches to prove yourself.


It is your job and responsibility to notice what you desire and notice the obstacles that are in your way of that design happening for you.


Life is for you.



Conflict must be resolved for you to live your Higher Life.


What are your beliefs around conflict?


That you have to “prove yourself” or “be right?”


Can you see conflict as a way to grab your attention to see another point of view or value someone else’s ideas?


Are you arguing with life and labeling things as right and wrong, good and evil, or you versus them?


How is your ego driving what you do? What stories are bubbling in your head as you disagree with another, whether in person or another’s opinion?


Notice what you are telling yourself about the situation.


How can you stop a disagreement from going on rather than playing in the fire?


Understand there will be conflict and will be differences.


It’s what you do with the conflicts that matters. First, decide what you desire for your life, even when in conflict. Then, respond to your deeper desires rather than reacting from old patterns.


Don’t let conflicts control you.


Know there are alternates for handling situations when you discover and commit to what you really desire in life.


Forgiveness is often a tool that allows you to move beyond the situation – but at first, it can be tricky to practice.


You must be willing to be conscious and take ownership of your actions and beliefs.


As John-Rogers, DSS, shares, “If you can be happy, smiling and dancing even though pain visits you in some form, you could adjust your attitude, so you are more positively focused. Then you are less conscious of the pain because you are focusing on something pleasant. So you are focused on the positive.”


It’s not “fairy-tale, be positive,” it’s a way to make your life better. Choose your focus.


Be empowered. Design your life. Respond rather than react.


STOP, take note of your practiced patterns of reaction whenever the next conflict appears for you, and decide to respond differently. Do this over and over. In no time, you will have created a new way to handle differences that are more aligned with what you really desire in your life.


Right now, my discovery is in Oneness, non-duality, where there are opposites but no value to them, where everything is okay—seeing the wholeness—clearing away my judgments and beliefs from everything holding me back from freedom and bliss. Whew, lots of processing and bantering. Lots of questioning. A long way to go, but I’m “getting it.” Less conflict internally.


And, I know that resistance only brings me more of what I don’t want—fueling toward conflict.


And, I don’t see how all this is possible, yet I know it is—staying open to possibilities—understanding from a Higher perspective how this all works—going away from conflict.


And trusting in a higher power and knowing that life is perfectly orchestrated to help me be my Highest Self. Moving away from conflict.


To have the freedom, love, and peace you desire, there must be no inner conflict.


The conflict is a call for healing.


When you notice the conflicts arising, please don’t hold on to them. Instead, observe and work through those beliefs you have about it. Listen to what you believe and how you are feeling. But know that they are your path to freedom. Once you can see the meaning for you and why you have the conflict, you can move on and no longer need that lesson.


Know that no matter what is happening, good can come out of it. It won’t seem like it at the time but keep your eye on faith and love in something Higher than what you can see at the moment. Then, the doors can open for you.


Beginning today, let whatever conflicts are in your life be tools to help you open to more freedom, love, and happiness.


Where in your life do you need to move away from conflict? Take time to practice moving away from the conflict to have more peace and joy in your life.