Do You See This As An Exciting Time To Be Alive?


Times are changing. 


Life is calling you to wake-up. 


You have a choice of how you see your life and the world in which you live.  No two people’s perspectives are the same. 



At times I feel frustrated and upset over what is happening nationally.  But, I also see it as an opportunity to grow spiritually and focus on what I can do something about and serve in a higher way.  


Realize contrast in life offers you a chance to really acknowledge what you want and love. Contrast brings clarity for you if you don’t get caught up in the judgment. It can help you realize that you are attracting what you don’t want if you keep that energy the strongest.


Usually on the other side of what you don’t like, is what you like or want. The frustration, anger or upset is helping you become more committed to what you value.


Contrast can be an opportunity to expand. It’s asking you to pay attention.


Right now is an exciting time. Everything is being challenged. New ways will unfold. For example, the masculine model has been used forever, whether in family structures, organizations and rules, and contracts. The tides are turning to integrate the feminine. More compassion, acceptance, and compromise.


Today is full of miracles. Take time to see them, enjoy how life unfolds perfectly.


“Just enjoy that you received another day and the 10,000 miracles within it.” Notes From The Universe 


As Thanksgiving is upon us, it’s always a great time to reflect on the things you have to be grateful for. So many things I take for granted. Like having a roof over our head, having running water, heat, a comfy bed. So definitely, a nice reminder.


Are you grateful for where you are today and these exciting times? At first, I had a hard time with this because I feel like I’m always looking to be the best version of myself. How could I be satisfied, if I’m not where I want? What I learned though, is it is alright to want more, but I must be grateful where I am. I can be ready for more, but it’s the satisfaction of where you are that’s important to living a grateful life.


I never spent much time in the celebration of being where I was. I know the power now, and the excitement of feeling like you did it! Whether in yoga, cooking or accomplishing a longer goal. I didn’t acknowledge the hard work or the ways people came together to make something happen for my benefit. I spent lots of time in assuming and expecting how things should be.


It’s a happier place when you can come from gratitude and celebrate the blessings in your life.  


If you want to shift your attitude and your thinking about these times, each day write out a hundred things you are grateful for. When you do this you are controlling what you want in your life. You are shifting what you are focusing on. Before you know it, you will see how you are surrounded by a miraculous life.


Let this exciting, tumultuous time, help you see the opportunities that are all around you.  


Count Your Blessings.