Do You Want To Know What Is Running Your Life?

Look around, and what do you see?

The world is reflecting back to you your thoughts and beliefs that are running your life.

Look around your life and notice what you spend most of your time doing.

Look at your calendar and see what it is full of. That shows you what you are devoted to.

Have you given your life away to an old story you are still living today?

This chapter of my life has been about Thriving in Unretirement. Since that was important to me, I needed to know and understand what that meant to me.

I saw in the research if you aren’t committed to some purpose during this time of life, within 2-5 years, death or some major illness may be at your doorstep. Well, I knew I wanted more than that for my life.

Thus, my purpose was to begin sharing how to THRIVE during this time of life.

A big part of that has been to understand how to be healthy in this stage of life. Because things are different.

Another area was to look at what lights you up, what brings you joy.

Maybe staying unconscious is your choice, but I want more for you. I know your life can be more when you decide to know why your life is operating like it is.

I’ve seen that too many people just let life happen and thus become part of the statistics. Rather than knowing what is running their life.

As Pam Grout says, “Thing 1 is my creative voice. It says things like, “Dance, sing loudly, high five that stranger on the bridge.’” “Thing 2 is my monitor voice. It urges caution and monitors what I could lose.” She has written many books, and I’ve enjoyed listening more to her creative voice.

Which voice do you want to listen to?

Your thoughts focus on the past.

Are you willing to open up for more?

If you don’t know what is running your life and want more for yourself, make it a priority to become healthy – emotionally, mentally, physically, and fiscally. Let health run your life. You will see a whole new world open for yourself. Different classes might show up for you, like Tai Chi or healthy cooking. You might see specials on gym memberships. You might hear about having a more positive attitude about life by seeing how others live longer when they do.

A whole new world opens when you decide what you want to run your life.

Vex King understands why it’s important for you to know what is running your life. It’s so you can find freedom. He says, “Society is constantly challenging your authenticity by telling you who to be and what your life should look like.

Is that what you want? Something or someone else is running your life, and you don’t even realize it.

You do have other choices.

What is running your life?

Lately, I’ve been focused on messages in The Course of Miracles. I’ve done The Course for decades but decided to go deeper this year than just the surface messages. What I want to lead my life is this message from The Course.

Seeing the World Through the Eyes of God.

It has been so fun to pay attention from this perspective. I have a new filter that allows me to see things inward and outward. The sunsets, sunrises, the magical moments. A new book suggestion is Hiring From The Heavens by Jean Slater. It’s exciting because you create your team of masters to work with you for what you’d like or for one-time events. I feel expansive, connected to something bigger.

There’s something bigger, grander happening on my behalf, for me.

It makes me see life is more than going through my day. It’s more fun to notice and smile at how it’s coming alive for me.

Instead of fear running your life, let love guide you. Whew, the world needs that, too. You can use the 15 essential habits for living a good life from Pope Francis’s new book, A Good Life (© 2024), to lead your life.

What about – deciding to allow God’s Will to Be Done? You know what that means? That you accept exactly what is happening.

You can begin seeing how you are trying to control the world.

You can notice how resistant you are to all kinds of things happening in your personal world and the world around you.

You can notice how you are making others wrong – whether that is by them having different opinions than you, different political affiliations, or different religious beliefs.

There are ALL kinds of options to see what could be running your life.

What do you believe is running yours?

The whole notion of realizing that something is running your life opens you to understanding why others do what they do. It also helps you realize how you are being directed a certain way because of past beliefs, thoughts, and the people you surround yourself with.

People are seeing and living the world through their perspective – whether that is from being a capitalist, being a missionary, being retired, or being a parent. That is what leads your life.

Most of us are not awake and are not conscious of what is running our lives.

Decide today to wake up and notice what’s running your life. That’s a huge first step—just notice.

Once you have noticed what is running your life, you can decide if it is what you desire. If life is going like you want, keep it going. Now, it will be a conscious choice. If you’d like something else running your life, ponder what that is. Listen to what you are asking for – like more peace, kindness, or fun. Then, you find ways to add that to your life. Baby steps. You can even ask to “Hire The Heavens.” (Create your dream team.)

Life gives you what you ask for and what you need for your Highest and Greatest good.

Life is more fun and more empowering when you decide and make the choices for what will run your life.

What does that mean for YOUR life?