Each Phase Of Life Provides Its Struggles and Opportunities


Life is continuously evolving.  Each decade of life has its own presence and purpose.  


Discovery begins when you are open to what life is offering you.


You gain knowledge.  You gain experience.  You add heartbreaks. You face struggles.


At each moment or situation, you wonder how to face this or if you can.  


Wherever you are in life, you feel like that is the hardest because that is where you are.  That is all you can be with.  Honor that.  


Just know you can move through it with grace and dignity.


Know life is messy.


In your teens, you are trying to figure out who you are and how you fit in, – or don’t.  Your 20s are often the riskiest time in life as you are spreading your wings from your family and the norms of your life.  The 30s are putting together “your” life.  Your career, your partner, and creating a family.  Overwhelmed by life.  In the 40s you begin questioning priorities in life and it’s why there are mid-life crises.  Things don’t match up with what you were taught or told.  In the 50s you begin planning for the next phase of life as you might begin experiencing some empty nesting and wondering about what’s next.  You feel pressures of have you done enough to help your children spread their wings and have established enough to prepare you for retirement and healthy living hereafter.  The 60s are often thought of as the retirement years and years of social security and Medicare.  Lost purpose, losing health, and what now.  The 70s and beyond are conversations about how many doctors’ appointments and how much medicine.  


No matter where you are in your life, you have obstacles.


Or, you have opportunities to grow and become more of who you are. Or, see life in new ways.  Establish new norms and ideas of what can be possible for that decade.


If only we could begin teachings our children how to understand that in each phase of life you will have challenges and struggles. But you also must know that you can overcome them to be opportunities for what’s next for you.


If we could teach that these seemingly bad situations are there to help expand awareness and help you move to something more in your life, then maybe, just maybe, life wouldn’t feel so hard and overwhelming.  That hope could linger in the chaos.  


There is a saying that in your first 18 years you are given your beliefs and rules of how life is to be.  And then, you spend the rest of your life undoing them because you see how they don’t fit who you are and what you are here to do.  It creates havoc with the paradoxes.


You often don’t have the skills and support you need to deal with and understand the craziness of how it all works.  


Pain is part of the game.  It is to get your attention.  Suffering is optional.


Look at what’s happening right now.  Fear is running rampant – more gun sales than ever.  People are angrier than they ever have.  Look at the behavior concerns on airplanes.  Planes are being diverted because of safety concerns.


But, if you can believe that life is for you, then can stay out of the outside world madness and know there is something greater coming.  


Wonder what’s this about for you.


Double down on sharing more love, compassion, and kindness.  


Know and understand that wherever you are in the decades of life, you will be faced with struggles and opportunities.


Know what YOU need to help you work through whatever you are facing.  Be willing to ask and stay open to new possibilities.  Who could be a mentor, who has already faced some of these trials?


Stay in touch with your inner wisdom. 


Find ways to keep above the chasm.


Your attitude is 90% of what will happen.


How can you know and realize there are struggles and obstacles in life, and allow that to be okay so you aren’t resisting and making life harder for you?