Emotions Are A Key To Your Happiness and Well-Being


Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend. For many people, it can be a blessing but for others, it can be a reminder of a loss you feel. I know for myself, Mother’s Day is one of the hardest days for me. It feels like a big red flag telling me that my mother is not here (physically with me). Yet, I do know she lives with me in many ways.


How do you handle feeling sad or bad? Or ecstatic or blessed?


Do you make yourself wrong or bad? I know growing up, we weren’t allowed to feel.


Where on the number line of 1-10, 10 being the highest would you say you are with allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel?   I would have said a 1 for most of my life. It was all about doing the task at hand. Nowadays, I am much better at feeling and expressing. I know the value of feelings.


Thankfully, I have learned many lessons along the way – to feel more and to forgive myself where I may have failed or created uncomfortable situations for others.


Thankfully, I have realized on my journey to being a personal development junkie, how important it is to feel your feelings. Not only for your emotional and mental well-being but also as the guide to what is true north for you.


I know as a more naturally joyful person, I have taken heat over the years for that. People have said I was cocky or too happy. I know I was considered aloof and distant because I didn’t open myself up.


What I know now is, it doesn’t really matter what others say except for how it can benefit your life. You aren’t supposed to use it to beat yourself up or to think you aren’t as good as someone.


Your feelings are your guide to being the best you can. Use the comments as feedback to helping you leap forward to a more loving, compassionate person.


Rather than being defensive or vindictive.


Do you know what you need to feel emotionally healthy?


You deserve to be cherished, adored and cared about – personally and professionally.


You teach people how to treat you. And, your feelings are your guide.


Think about how lifted up you feel when you have great friends around you. Or, you are serving others. Or, you have accomplished a dream you’ve had.


Then, on the other hand, you might know what it feels like if you work for a boss that beats you down and is never satisfied with what you do, or you have a parent or partner that ridicules you. It doesn’t feel good at all.


The contrast can be good. It shows you what you like and what you don’t. It’s a starting point for what you want and deserve. Allow the contrast to guide you to the life you want. Make a list of the qualities you love to feel. Then, know what you aren’t willing to accept. As those negative feelings appear in your life, make a plan to move away from it. Just like the job situation. If you have a boss that’s belittling, make a plan to find something more rewarding for you. Maybe you can’t change it today, but stay focused on what you want. Keep that list of positive qualities close by to help you make your new path.


You deserve to have a life of your dreams, and your feelings are your guide to there.


Know what you need to stay emotionally healthy.


Just like if this Mother’s Day you feel sadness, how can you honor what you feel butfind a way to shift that to a higher feeling for you?


Could you reach out to others that don’t have a mother and share the day?  


Could you send personal cards to Mothers you know who will be alone?


Brainstorm other ways you can make someone else’s day better and guess what happens to you.


What emotions do you know that you need more of in your life? How could those emotions enhance and enrich your life? What if you made a plan to add a little more of that each week? How would your life be different 6 months, 1 year or 5 years?


Let your emotions guide you to a life of more happiness and well-being.