Empowering Questions Guide You To Your Solution


Every moment you have a choice.  Sometimes they are easy to make and other times more difficult, and many in between.  


Are you asking empowering questions to help you find a solution?


Become aware of how you respond or react to situations with your questions.


This won’t happen once in a while, but happens all day long with the decisions and circumstances of your life.  When the car won’t start, the cable goes out or something breaks.  The realities of life.


It’s important to notice how your internal dialogue is going.  Are you in charge or are you a victim of circumstances?


The choices you make today are creating your tomorrow, your future.  So it’s important to understand how to self-correct if you desire a different outcome.


Ask questions like this to release the frustration or upset:  How fast can the most magical solution show up for me?


Questioning, being curious and being aware are attributes that can guide you to a better life.


Living a life where you are happy and conscious provides you greater fulfillment.  


Tony Robbins supports this notion by saying, “Quality questions create a quality life.”


Debbie Ford wrote a book, “The Right Questions – Ten Essential Questions to Guide You to an Extraordinary Life.”  She discusses how you don’t get the right answers because you haven’t asked the right questions.  


Some of Debbie’s questions can help you shift your comments are:


“Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?”


“Am I standing in my power or am I trying to please another?” 


Notice how her questions guide you in the direction you want to be.


Notice how they aren’t paralyzing you with blame, shame or staying in the problem.  Contrast that with “Why is this happening to me?”  Those questions keep you stuck and feeling down and out.  Victim mentality.


For instance, recently, I lost the cover to my battery on my ebike. 



It protects it from grime and from falling out.  When I discovered it was gone, I was like “How could that happen?”  “When did it happen?”  “Why didn’t we notice it?”  As you can see that ranting doesn’t help me have a cover for my bike so I can ride.  When I decided to ask more empowering questions, I moved closer to finding a way not to miss out on our Sunday ri

How can you start asking empowering questions?  You have to stop yourself, ponder what you are doing and realize there is a better opportunity for yourself.  


Yes, it takes awareness.  It takes understanding that you desire to be in a better feeling place.


It’s not easy to live a more conscious life, but it is way more loving and peaceful.


Decide today to live for the solution rather than be in the problem.   The problem takes you to a dead end with yucky feelings and attitude.


Rise above.  Seek solutions.