How Are You Letting Outside Circumstances Affect You?

Since you were created as a perfect being, your job is to mimic how Michelangelo created the statue of David. It’s not something you can work hard at. Your job is to:

Know that the Truth of you already exists.
Remove everything that is not that TruthTruth of you.

Like Luke 17:21 says, “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Most of us have thought we had to become someone different from who we are. As a result, we have spent our lives in conflict, comparing ourselves as not good enough or having to out others.

Yet, the real quest of life is to become yourself.

So what if, instead of chasing outside circumstances, you began listening to what is true for you?

That you begin questioning everything in your life, is this or that right for me today?

Is this who I am?

Not what you were taught you should be.

Not what you think society or family is expecting of you.

Yes, some of those ways you thought how life should fit you today, but it’s important to become conscious and make choices based on who you are.

Begin by questioning what outside circumstances you are letting affect

How Are You Letting Outside Circumstances Affect You?
How Are You Letting Outside Circumstances Affect You?

Just like Bo and I remind ourselves, “Don’t Let The Old Man In.” (The
words from Toby Keith’s song written for Clint Eastwood’s movie.)
Aches and Pains can be a focus as you age, or you can find ways to
lessen them, like better eating habits and exercise. If you watch TV,
undoubtedly you believe or think you have some ailment with ALL the
medical commercials. So choose what you listen to.

Protect yourself from outside influences.

You choose the life you want. Like “I’m living fully today” because my focus and purpose are to live healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled.

So as I live and plan my days, it’s important to become conscious of ways I am not living that. Notice where there is angst or uneasiness because those are the signs to choose again. Not someone else’s beliefs or expectations. If I’m triggered by what someone says, ponder that.

Listen with a relaxed and open mind. What annoyed me about that? Remember, it is never about other people. They are mirrors for you to become more of who you are. Showing you where you are out of bounds as to what your soul desires for you, to who you are.

Spend time each day asking WHO AM I.

Then notice what’s hindering you from becoming who you are. On a recent walk, my girlfriend and I talked about what caused us to shift gears in our faith walk. We both agreed that fear was taught in the churches we had grown up with until later in life. The shame and guilt were instilled by following what those leaders were saying. We have both broken free to find a loving God that guides us to be more One with who we were created to be. Even though we have chosen different paths, we must find our way to enlightenment and freedom.

Your experience of life and goodness happens to the degree you can accept the TruthTruth of who you are. But, you must believe it and accept it. And, it doesn’t come from the outside.

It happens when you choose the journey to love who you are created to be. It’s an inside job.

Believing outside circumstances can hurt you is a story in your mind. We have used those stories to protect us.

Living from the outside world limits what’s possible for you.

You can decide what works for you or not and if circumstances can support you.

Stuckness is where you let resistance take over. Where you let habits rule your life.
You give up. You become a victim. You are looking to others rather than trusting yourself.

Remember, too much of life is looking at the outside rather than the inside of you.

You judge yourself and others.
You compare yourself and others.

Don’t let outside forces control your life. Instead, use them as markers for what feels right in your life and what might hinder or limit your life.

As Paula Jones says, “How we think about our circumstances can make all the difference in the level of stress we feel.”

Begin today by strengthening your life force, your connection to a Higher Being.

Daily, let go of the layers of protection where you created thoughts you had to be someone else. Don’t make the past wrong. You did what you had the tools and understanding to do.

Today dare to release all that no longer serves you – thinking you have to work hard, assuming you have to be friendly or kind all the time or think you need to please others to keep their love.

Quit letting outside circumstances run your life.

What outside forces do you need to let go of so you can honor and value what is calling you to do or be?