Did You Notice the Super Bowl Ads?

Even the themes of the Super Bowl Ads were about live better, think better, be better. How many of you were as jazzed as me to see the POSITIVE messages being conveyed to one of the biggest audiences? I loved, loved all the ads with the dads spending time with their kids and being PRESENT to them.

It isn’t just me being Pollyanna or living in my fantasy world to believe that everyone can live a life of more love, joy and abundance. Or it isn’t just the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, seeking enlightenment, finding her way back home. It is the BIG DOGS using big bucks, $$$$$$$$$$$$$, to say – You Deserve Better!

Nothing justifies the abuse displayed by some of our superheroes in the NFL – Ray Rice and our own Adrian Peterson. Certainly, life is complicated. You can’t take back the past and the pain all these people endured.

BUT, just maybe, these painful lessons can serve to make a whole lot of other peoples’ situations better. Can it be used to make the future better?

I believe that is what those ads were intending. My coaching teacher, Debbie Ford, teaches to find the GOLD IN THE DARK to heal. What that means is to extract a lesson from a challenging or painful experience that happened (you aren’t condoning or accepting the situation), and use the wisdom gained to contribute in a bigger way, to help you and others live better.

I thank the sponsors of the Super Bowl ads for speaking strongly about what I hope is going to be a new way of life and acceptance. Those “superheroes” brought the conversation to the table – the good, the bad and the ugly. This type of abuse has been accepted for too long for numerous excuses. It is no longer hidden. It is time use these situations as a “tipping point” as Malcolm Gladwell speaks. It is time to speak out for ALL people to live better, think better, be better.

That is why I was so over the top excited to see those super bowl ads!!!!

  • They are taking those horrific experiences and are giving better examples of what is EXPECTED today, that’s the gold in the dark. Remember, FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT!!!
  • They are giving a VISION for people who may not know a better way. They are showing what IS possible. The sad truth is you only know what you have seen. These POSITIVE examples have to be shown over and over. And if people see these “superheroes” acting in more loving, kind ways, then the MODEL of how we treat people can be changed.
  • These businesses had the courage to speak out and say we are no longer going to accept abuse as a way of life. It’s time to show how that can happen for all people.

I am so sorry, that those individuals had to endure the pain and suffering they did, BUT if those bad situations caused enough people to decide NOW is the time to honor and respect every person then I am hopeful that good can come from it.

Share with me where you have used the wisdom from a painful situation in your life to contribute in a bigger way.

I became a life coach after going through my divorce. I realized that I could take that pain and hurt, and help others live a more loving, joyful and abundant life once I healed.


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