Explore The Freedom Calling You

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Explore The Freedom Calling You

In honor of observing, July 4th, Independence Day, I felt like it was the perfect time to think about freedom and what that means to your life today.

I think for the most part, people rarely think about the actual purpose of this holiday. But, with Brexit fresh on our mind’s, it certainly shows how:

  • People want something new.
  • People are fed up with the way things have been done.

Yes, it’s a time here that many are fed up, too.

So you could say it is all in perfect timing to remind us of the freedoms our nation provides us. In the USA, we are blessed with so many freedoms.

I know that I haven’t taken the time to truly appreciate the opportunities given to me because I live here. It’s easy to not appreciate or realize the differences about
other countries and governments unless you travel or consciously learn about them.

There is a point and time when “freedom” isn’t happening that something screams out, “I have had enough.”

Often, not a pretty time, much turmoil and pain.

You want to have the FREEDOM to choose, to have a say or to feel like you matter.

On a more personal level, where in your life are you looking forward to more freedom?

  • Are you a new mom feeling like you haven’t any time to yourself?
  • Are you a new retiree loving the freedom from schedules, routines and career? Or,
  • Are you an adult, just tired of all the responsibility maturity brings to you
  • keeping a house, caring for children, and adult parents, and juggling your career?

Where is freedom calling you?
Take this Independence Day as time to get yourself balanced and see how having some
freedom allows you to be better at all you have chosen for your life.

Use these special holidays as a time to reflect on your life and see what you need.

Rather than revolt or have a midJuly Blog Pic-life crisis:

  • How can you see this holiday as an opportunity to look within and hear what is calling you?
  • What do you need to nurture your desire for freedom?
  • Is it a day away from the kids, the responsibilities, or taking up something for yourself like art lessons, bike riding?


Look at why people have mid-life crisis. Look at why people look forward to retirement.

I know without the freedom to make the choices I want for my life, I can become resentful, angry and frustrated with what is happening.

Realize how important freedom is, not only to our nation, but to your life personally.

How can you honor this Independence Day and be appreciative and grateful that our forefathers gave us the rights and opportunities to FREEDOM?

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