Making Fantasies a Reality

Sometimes in our lives we tend to escape from reality and live in a fantasy world. Sometimes it can be helpful. Other times it can keep us stuck or frustrated with life. Is there some place in your life you tend to escape or put off dealing with a situation?

Fantasies can help us use our imagination and create ideas for our lives. Often though, we keep these ideas as fantasies rather take the action to make them a reality in our lives. In coaching we talk about “someday fantasy” and “escape fantasy.”

  • An example of a someday fantasy is when I lose that 15 pounds, I will feel good about myself. In truth, you need to feel good about yourself at whatever weight you are. Too often it has been proven that even when you lose that weight, you still don’t feel good about yourself. If that is what is holding you back, think about some action you could do today, to feel good about yourself. Is that take a walk, call an old friend you haven’t spoken to or just spend some quiet time with yourself? Then, acknowledge yourself, appreciate yourself. Begin the journey of feeling good about yourself today, and watch what will happen with your weight.
  • An example of an escape fantasy is that I’ll be a famous rock star. What is it that you like about that fantasy? Is it being on stage? The Music? The Attention? What action can you take right now that would give you the feelings that the fantasy brings up for you? If it is attention you like about being a rock star, where in your life can you give yourself some attention?

Take notice of all that you do whether for others or yourself. Write those down. Say some gratitude prayers at the end of the day to notice all the things you do. Then give others some attention, notice them, say things about what you notice about them. Before you know, you will have those feelings you were hoping you would receive from your fantasy. Once you take the actions on your fantasies, you have now moved into the possibility of reality for your life. You will feel more satisfied and fulfilled with action than staying stuck in the fantasy world.