Flipping a Tragedy to Benefitting

What is haunting you or upsetting you in life right now? Post May

Is it the political landscape, a personal travesty or an unwanted quality?

It can be a time you feel like everything is going against you. You feel frustrated about everything, see life as dark and negative. You can’t catch a break. You know you are supposed to be more positive or see things you have to be grateful for, but just can’t. I know when I was going through my divorce several years ago, I felt that way.

Have you heard the saying, it comes in threes. Bash, bash and another larger one, BASH, hits you over the head.

You are probably saying, “What else can go wrong, why is this happening to me?”

What I have come to realize when situations like these are in your life, they are what I call wake-up calls to:

    • Capture your attention
    • Get you to slow down
    • Ponder what is going on in your life
    • See them as opportunities for you to grow
    • See what is most important to you
    • Notice if your life is in alignment to what you really want

Recently, I have had a few tragedies happen around me – one of our good friends was diagnosed with glioblastoma. My sister is struggling to speak and has labored movement, PPA or ALS, so quickly lost her ability to converse. My esthetician’s husband dies out of nowhere at 37.And, I complain because I can’t shed this 20 pounds.

It’s quite telling in the bigger scheme of life. I am blessed with my health. All my numbers on health reports are good. I can do anything I want physically. I am eating healthier, exercising good, so why can’t I trust that things will work out?

These events put things in perspective. Wakes me up to be grateful for my health in new ways, shifts my thinking from poor me to enjoy all I can do, and finally, make the changes I need to be the healthiest me. Not just try to diet for the 20 pounds but look at the deeper push to eat healthy for my brain, heart and bones.

  • Quit whining.
  • Focus on ALL my blessings.

So, where in your life can you flip some tragedies and see how they can be wake-up calls or opportunities to get your attention?

Or better yet, where in your life are you off track, and without tragedy, and can use this blog as a wake-up call to make the changes you need?

Realize you are being called to a greater life. There’s more for you. As these unexplainable situations happen to you, find the opportunity on how this is preparing you to benefit yourself and help you benefit others in greater ways.

Grieve the situations, support the people you need. But, know these are times to go deeper and see what you need to wake-up to a greater life.

Share with the Facebook group, where you have some unwanted situation and how you figured out how you can flip it.