Focus On Healthy Choices That Speak To You


Honoring who you are is one of the greatest steps to happiness. And essential to your health.


I know as women, especially women of my generation, we were taught to take care of everyone else. And, we don’t even know or remember what we want because our focus was away from ourselves.


Let’s change that so you can be healthier for everyone, including yourself.


Ask yourself what it would take to be the healthiest version of yourself. Whether that is spritually, mentally, emotionally or physically.


If you are feeling depressed, sad or hopeless then it’s time for you to focus on that area of your life to bring you closer to happy and content.


If you feel disconnected and want to know what’s up for you now, check out different spiritual paths that might be right for you. That bring you joy and peace.


If your attitude is negative and angry, begin looking at ways to shift your energy to a more positive way of seeing things. There are lots of resources to read and check out. ( I can offer a number if you need).


And, if you are like me, needing some physical support or direction, decide what you really want whether that’s healthier eating or needing to move more. I hired a health coach.


Which area of your life is calling you?


It is important to recognize your own guidance system, your inner wisdom. Whether that is making decisions about what to do next, what to eat or what feels right to say.


As I share in my coaching, you have all the answers within you.


Shift your focus from outside yourself, what will others think or say, to more empowering thoughts about what would be healthy for you.


You can do that with simple shifts and some of the shifts are just in how you talk or think about things.


Let joy guide you. Joy is one of the highest vibrations. Without it, it’s hard to be happy and healthy.


As you think about your day:


Do the clothes you wear, bring you joy? Or, are you hiding in the ones you choose?


Are the people you are hanging out with or surrounding yourself with, brightening your day or pulling you down?


 Are you full of hope or have more despair?


Decide today to make healthier choices for you. That means what you listen to or read, what foods you eat and how much you honor yourself like with your self-talk. Do you speak words of encouragement to yourself, forgive yourself or are you quite the critic?


Your thoughts create your reality and can make or break your days and hours.


Happiness comes from the choices you make. You feel better when you know they are in alignment with what is right for you. Just like yesterday, I wanted to go do a chore. Instead, I decided I was going to wait on somebody that was to come to the house. They never came until late in the day. I was frustrated because I waited and waited instead of listening to my own needs. Then, it’s easy to get in the blame game and say it’s their fault. Wrong, it was my choice and decision not to take care of what I needed. No need to keep going down the negative spiral place. Because, yes, it can build quickly.


Decide today to begin making healthier choices for yourself. Ask yourself these questions to get you going, to motivate you and to take care of yourself.


Are you passionate about the life you are living? Are you really alive?


Why not?   Listen to what’s holding you back.


Remember, doing nothing different is a choice.


Is that what you want for your life next year or 5 years from now?


If not, begin with what’s holding you back.


Today is the beginning of creating the life you want.


               Define if the best first step would be to work on how you treat yourself. Could that be to be grateful for your body and how it has gotten you here? Could it be to savor how kind and caring you are?


               Could an easy step be to eliminate any negative news you are listening to? Start with a day, go to 3 days, then a week. Notice a difference in your attitude and body.


               Add more joy in your day. Is that finding ways to be in awe or inspired by others? Or is it just doing what you love? Having lunch with friends or taking a hike?


               Does the food you eat, add to a healthier you? Are you feeling tired, stressed or draggy, or invigorated and content? Begin noticing how you feel after you eat. Eliminate foods that pull you down. Is that carbs for breakfast or sugar during the day?


Focus on what’s healthy for you. Choose one of the areas above that could shift the way you feel.


Start small.


The choices you make today, create your tomorrow. Listen to your inner wisdom, what speaks to you.


Choose healthy.