Focus on What YOU Want

A key to Loving Your Life is to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT. It is sometimes easier said than done. We were recently invited to go to the Paul McCartney concert in Dallas with one of my husband’s clients. If you know us, we love to go. My husband LOVES concerts and how fun is it to see one of the Beatles? Our energy was pretty high!

As we were standing in line waiting for the doors to open, the group behind us was REALLY making an ordeal about having to wait. It was past the time the doors were to open. They were making a scene about it. It made me think about how often in life I have done this same thing- focusing on the negative rather than on what I want. I have spent endless energy on complaining rather than enjoying the opportunity I was given. I mean we were in line to see Paul McCartney. The evening was beautiful. They were with friends or family. It was to be an evening full of fun and entertainment.

As you think about creating the life you love, where in your life are you focusing more on what you DON’T want rather than on what you want? It is said that you have 60,000 thoughts in a day and approximately 80% of them are the same as yesterday. Marci Shimoff says that 75% of them are negative, which means focusing on what you don’t want. How can YOU break that and create the life you love?

Below share with me one idea you can take to focus on creating the life you love. What shift can you make to have more of your thoughts on the life you LOVE? Begin today to make your mantra – focus on what I want!