Free To Have Fun?


You gotta have fun.


The secret to happiness is freedom. Freedom is feeling like you are empowered. To decide what your life looks like.


Decisions determine your destiny. Your beliefs, thoughts, and actions create your world.


Too often as adults, we have let the world of responsibilities take over life. Life is meant to be fun.


Too much worry and heaviness are out there. I don’t see too many people having fun. You can tell by the looks on people.


I get it, life can be tough. Crazy things are happening. Life challenges come to all of us. But, I want to remind you, there is another way to handle all it.



Change your focus. Know those heavyweights happen in life, but put your focus on the joyful and fun things about life.


Like how joyful it has been to hear the kids in the neighborhood out playing now that school is out.


It’s fun to see how many more people are out walking and talking with each other.


The fun about having little grandsons is we get to dig for worms and go fishing. We get to discover float and sink and playing in puddles.


You can decide how happy you want to be and how much fun you want. It is your choice.


As Dale Carnegie says, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”


Of course, fun is different for everyone.


Take a moment to look around you. Is your life full of fun? If not, make a new decision. It will give you a new direction.


Or, are you like me a few years ago? I had to make a goal to have fun. I was taking life waaaaay too seriously.


Maybe you don’t think you need fun, it’s not important. I can tell you your health and emotional well-being need fun. And, the people around you will appreciate your being more light-hearted.


You have the power to choose.


Enjoy every day and have fun.


Define what fun is for you. Feel the freedom in your decisions.


Is that getting outside more? Riding your bike? Playing pickleball?


Is it taking a dance class? More like pole dancing or belly dancing?


What will free you to lighten up?