Get Excited About The Opportunity To Raise Your Alignment


What if you really paid attention to the choices you make in your life?


What if you really became conscious about how you are walking through life?


What if you really decided to make everything in your life a 10 for you?


The more that I have learned, read, and experienced life, I see the power I have to create the life I want.  It’s not airy, fairy.  It’s understanding how when you are connected to a Source greater than you, everything is possible for you.



The way you relate to the world is really the relationship you have inside of yourself.  What are your thoughts telling you?  I’m not good enough or you go girl. 


You are BIGGER than any story you have.  You must believe that.  Maybe you don’t know how to make it happen, but you must believe it and be willing to allow the possibilities to come to you.


Basically, you have to get out of your own way. 


Become conscious of what is holding you back – your fears, your unexamined beliefs and become connected to the abundance in life. 


You are perfect as who you were created to be.  You have just built layers and layers of garb that doesn’t belong to YOU.  It’s time to let go of that and become the greatest version of you. 


Begin chipping away of that which is not your – beliefs, thoughts and limiting ways.


Be PRESENT.  If you are present, nothing from the past or the future has an impact on your decisions.  You just allow whatever is to be.  Because it is.  Then things don’t have power over you.


In every moment you have the opportunity to choose again. 


Notice what your vibration is telling you.  Otherwise, known as your state of being, your alignment with Source.


For instance, if you are noticing you are angry, be with it, notice it, breathe into it. Then decide to choose anything that will change that feeling to be more in alignment with the love and peace you want.  Often, I use a mantra – like I choose peace instead of “this.”  It shifts the energy and I’m in a new space.  Notice it.  Do I need to say that mantra a few more times, do I need to take a walk outside or look at pictures of my grandkids?  Or, am I in a good feeling place?


Be present to how you are feeling and keep making little choices over and over again to get you closer to your 10s.  Keep asking.  What is it you need at that moment?  Follow your guidance.  Trust it.


Life tells you your next step if you are connected rather than thinking you are the director of the universe.


The more you tune to Source, the more inspiration you receive. 


The more pleasure you focus on, the more life rewards you with all you desire. 


Find ways to stay in your mojo.  It raises your vibration. 


Allow life to show up in all the unique and unexpected ways it can.  It’s way beyond what you think is possible.  It’s so much more fun, too.  It’s freeing.  You don’t have to feel the burden of having everything a certain way.  Life doesn’t happen that way anyway.  And, when you try to control things, you get disappointed and upset. So let go of the need to control.    


Let go of the resistance.  What you resist persists.


Try to stay in states of non-resistance, then you are allowing life to shower you.  Joko Beck. In Everyday Zen, tells you: “If we require that life be a certain way, inevitably we suffer—since life is always the way it is, and not always fair, not always pleasant. Life is not particularly the way we want it to be, it is just the way it is. And that need not prevent our enjoyment of it, our appreciation, our gratitude.”


You build your future by improving your present. 


The universe will give you opportunities based on where you are.  Life is mirroring back to you what you are thinking and believing.  So if you are thinking life is hard, I have to work so hard to get anywhere, that is what happens for you.  But what if instead, you keep believing life is for you, life is magical, then you are open to the bigger plan of the Universe.  You are allowing the greatness of life to come to you.


That’s why it’s so important to work on moving to your 10s, raising your pleasures, and your vibrations.  Choice by choice.  Decision by decision.  Appreciate, appreciate.  Be grateful.  And, thankful.  Thankful.  Thankful.


Before you know it, you will feel and see your life as a blessing because so much good is coming your way.


Be excited about the opportunities in life that will raise your alignment so you are more of who you were created to BE.


Life is meant to be fun.