Goals: What’s Your Word?

banner-rapelAs we think about what we want for our new year, it is important to choose something to focus on that you really want rather than what you think you should do or do what you think others want you to do. When it is of our desire, the likelihood you will stick with it will increase. I recently read One Word by Jon Gordon and two other authors. They share that about 85% percent of people never follow through with their goals, resolutions or milestones. This book has some new insights that seem pretty promising as well as meaningful. They suggest you choose one word for the year that will change your life. This word should give meaning and focus to your life. They suggest you choose the word through reflection, prayer and listening to your heart for the word to come to you.

My husband and I shared in this process. His word was growth and mine was courageous. As we were reflecting on our words, we wanted to make sure that it represented all aspects of our lives. How does this word reflect your work, your spiritual life, your financial world, your physical world and your mental world? What would your word be? How can you involve your family or colleagues at work in this process? Imagine how it would be if everyone around you lived to be better today than they were yesterday by focusing on their word, their desire. Take a moment to find your word that could lead you to your best life in 2013.