God Will Give You What You Need, Not Always What You Want


You get what you think about.  And, where you put your energy and focus.  


I’m too busy.”  I don’t have enough time for my family.”  “This is fake news.”  


Just when you thought you couldn’t figure out how to make everything work, life came to a halt.  You had plenty of time.  


God gave you what you asked for.   Maybe not how you thought, but what you kept asking for whether through complaining or not being grateful and appreciative.


And, from what you were given, new concerns arose.  Whoa. Pandemic is out of control, millions are dying and lots have lingering effects.  “Our activities are gone, how do we spend time now?”  “How do kids learn at home when I have a job and can’t keep them interested?” 


God gave you what you needed. 


Now, it is an opportunity to see and learn the meaning for your life.  


As 2020 is winding down, how would you reflect on the gifts you have received from the chaos and uncertainty, life being different?


Rather than digging deeper and letting this be a time to reassess what you truly desire, I often hear, “How can I go back to the old ways?” 


It’s not going to happen.


What if maybe it wasn’t more time you wanted?  Maybe it was how you are spending your time.


Maybe it was what you were listening to, and now it’s time to fill you up with things that bring you more love, joy and peace?  


Maybe the government isn’t the enemy?  

Maybe it’s time to realize what you want is not outside yourself, it’s time to live more from your core values rather than chasing doing and doing?


What are your priorities now?


How has your life changed?  I know a few different times like these in my life,  I can see where I was flying high and certain in my way when all of a sudden, a major crash.  I was devastated at the time.  Angry, frustrated that life wasn’t following my plan.  After feeling the hurt and seeing what runway I was on, I could see how I needed that lesson even though it wasn’t part of my plan.   I was given some humble pie.  I had some lessons in compassion, humility and acceptance.  I was given a bigger vision, a different way to see things.


And, then I could forge ahead with my ideas but with a kinder, softer heart.  I could see how life was for me.  Life was helping me grow in ways I couldn’t see.


As John Roger, DSS, states, “When you are secure in your knowledge of God’s love for you, you know everything that happens is to lift you and move you closer to your own divinity.  Life then becomes abundant, magical.”


Quit resisting.


Find the new direction, the new focus for your life.


Shift your thinking to the world is for you, and watch a whole new world open for you.  


God has bigger plans for you.


Instead of blaming and becoming a victim because life isn’t exactly like you planned, take time to go inside, to become more conscious and see how life is lifting you to something greater.


What did you need from this 2020 pause?