Gratitude in the Everyday Things

My husband and I travel quite a bit. We are blessed people and so very grateful for all the opportunities of travel. It is something we love to do. Many of the trips are long weekend trips, but others we embark upon are some adventures of a lifetime.

We just returned from a long weekend in Tahoe. Tahoe is one of our favorite places. It has special sentiments for us. We were married on the mountain top at Incline Village five years ago this month. We had a great weekend with friends, and my son and his girlfriend. What a special treat that was for us. We had a lot to be grateful for just by being with them and making new memories. It snowed a few days while we were there. We were able to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the snow covered mountains and lake. It was absolutely breathtaking. There is something magical that happens for us in Tahoe. Just being outdoors there opens our souls and hearts. We are grateful that we have found a spot that really touches our beings. Do you have those places you go to so you are able to revive your soul?

So as we returned last evening, my husband was going through pictures from a variety of our trips. He asked if I thought we were grateful enough for the fabulous life we live and of all the places we have experienced. I could easily exclaim “YES.” Where in your life can you easily exclaim a YES on being grateful for the life you live? Where in your life could you be more grateful for the everyday things that happen?

In order for life to be all you want it to be, you must take time to exclaim the moments in your life that are really special to you. Too often life passes by without you taking the time each day to honor the many blessings you have to be grateful. Where in your life could you wake up to the blessings and move away from seeing them as routine ways of your day?